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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Teen Changes Reflection

Pressure to meet expectations


1) What do you think are the most intense emotional, social or physical challenges for Grade 8 teens? Explain Why.

In my opinion, pressure to meet expectations is the hardest challenge. When a student can't fit in a group or feels that he or she doesn't have a good enough balance between, lets say, academics and athletics; he or she automatically refers to himself as imperfect. From my experience, it is the hardest challenge out there, to be good at a large amount of activities so you can fit in. This idea to perfect our variety of subjects creates many symptoms of stress.

2) How can we deal with this type of pressure or expectations? Explain some strategies.

Their are a few ways you can deal with this type of situation. First of all, try to find something you are good at and neglect the influence friends give you. If you have passion you enjoy the work you put into it would be less stressful. Or decide to narrow you friend group down so the stress to satisfy their "expectations" goes down by a large amount. This is worth doing because you will be way closer to your other friends.

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