Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Another learning experience in humanities!

In my opinion, learning my social studies best is through reading primary documents, textbooks with questions to clarify understanding, and then executing our learning in simulations. This method for me along with some video's or engaging activities during classes is the the best because it makes you remember and understand the knowledge you learned in class. With these techniques I remember what I have learned because it was fun and, most importantly, interesting. Not to mention, that I also understand my learning because I received such a diverse amount of ways to conduct it. 
Important lessons or ideas I will take away from this unit consist of methods of how men come to power, stay there, and the mistakes they make during their carrier. In the time of the USSR Lenin and Stalin both came to power in cunning, but smart ways, outsmarting their opponents one by one, leaving them alone at the top. For the future, if I ever will follow a similar type of carrier I will try to implement their positive ideas, and action, into my own work. This will allow me to the best in the area I am specified to.
I think my teacher decided to for me what I will take away form this unit, because he highlighted the points in the history of our unit. I take his examples and agree with because he is more experienced with the unit than I am. Therefore, I will agree and remember the knowledge he finds important. 
If I had to choose a part of the HIPP analysis and apply it as a method of learning outside humanities it would be historical context toward any history class. I will apply historical context to my future works into the class mentioned above because I often get confused in what sequence events happen in history. Historical context forces you to create an accurate paragraph purely focused on the sequence of events during the historical time period. It also helps you organize key details, like dates and certain key actions which occurred during that time period. I used during my research and studies of the early USSR and It cleared large amounts of doubt. I do recommend it to others because it is really an effective technique.
My thoughts about analyzing political cartoons are quite fair because they cover all the parts of the aspects of the cartoon. It makes you understand the true meaning of the cartoon better. The way we analyze political cartoons in class goes by the following: Analogy, Irony, Symbolism, Labelling and exaggeration. These terms help you understand the meaning of the cartoon and most importantly the point of view of the author and why the author would want to publish such an image. 
I think we continue to use DBQ in our learning course because it has a strict formula and practises your writing skills. DBQ paragraph have a strict formula and so it's easy to write one with it's formula as a base. This helps you create a structure it will help you in further writing piece as you will insert the knowledge from the DBQ paragraphs into your science essay for example. This leads me to conclude, that teachers make us use this method as a base for all writing pieces. Basically, a revision or practise for more difficult writing pieces.
  • Without perseverance you won't reach your true potential.


  1. Rens,

    I also see how active you are in class. You strive each period to make sense of the material, not just put down a correct answer. You want to understand, not just know and it makes all the difference. Nice to have you in our section now!