Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Another Semester that went by!

     What factors change the structure and characteristics of a population over time? There are many factor that changes the structure and characteristics of a population overtime. I am going to focus on the specific factors of war and tyranny. If country is affected by war like Iran it will downgraded every prosperous aspect of that country. This is evident, in Persepolis, a book we read in the first quarter of humanities. Persepolis takes place in Iran where religion is the cause of the war the slowly eats away at the countries freedom, education,  and its equal rights. In the end, war will cause the population of any country to be depressed and rebellious because they all want this terrible civil war to end.  The characteristic and population will also be determined by how the country it's ruled. If it ends up being some sort of tyrant, like in Shakespeare's Macbeth, the country will also turn rebellious and feel deceived when their chosen leader was a bad one. This could also cause an imbalance  in trust between the population as the mistake might happen again.
     Which reading was most challenging and why? To me, the most challenging reading was Persepolis because it had difficult themes, such as, war and religion. The war in Persepolis was hard to understand because so many different things were going on at the same time. Not to mention, that religion added to the amount of variables taking place in the war. The religious parties shifted from chapter to chapter making it had to keep up sometimes.
     Which writing piece was most challenging and why? The most challenging writing piece for me was writing our argumentative speech as it was the first time I did such a thing. This did mean that I learned many new things about writing speech and how to present one.
     Which project(s) was your favorite and why? My favourite project was the essay we wrote about a chosen topic which took place in the Renaissance. This was my favourite topic because we had the freedom of choice because of this we had more fun writing and researching about our chosen topic. Also, it was fun to add our article to a book giving us the opportunity to decorate and finalize our work.
     What is one project/learning experience you would recommend that next year’s Humanities class participate in? If I had to recommend a project next years class should do it would be the Macbeth performance. This performance was extremely fun the execute not just as a summative, but also as the overall fun of going on the stage and performing in front of your friends.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Lá fora estava meu amigo
Lá fora é o lugar da paz 
Lá fora são os meus livros que vêm à vida 
Lá fora é o guardião dos segredos 
Lá fora tem sido o meu guia 
A liberdade vem em paz A paz vem lá de fora. 
Férias é uma oportunidade de explorar novos lugares 
Lugares que me trazem emoções 
Um cheiro diferente é uma emoção diferente 
Uma temperatura diferente traz uma emoção diferente 
Um ambiente diferente dá uma nova emoção diferente 
Deixe as emoções lavarem você 
Lá fora eu vivia uma infância bonita e cheia de emoção 
E ainda é assim hoje...
O meu projeto foi um poema de infância. Eu fiz uma música para fazer o video mais interessante. Eu aprendi sobre o pretérito imperfeito. Eu usei o core value perseverante porque o PAL C é muito difícil. Se eu fizesse esse projeto novamente, eu tentaria pegar mais fotos de mim. Eu mais gostei de fazer nesse projeto é fazer as músicas.