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Cool Background!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mastering, The Power of Voice

    What is the power of voice? I think the power of voice directly influences your social habits and will to change. If you communicate well with the people around you, you will create a strong bond with them. Even when positive or negative. This bond represents power since you are stronger when besides someone else than on your own. You can also convince others with your voice/words to achieve these bonds. Not to mention, power of voice also influences your will to fight. I mention this because I think if one receives a powerful speech and is convinced he will fight for the man/woman who presented that speech.
    How does a belief system shape society? I believe that a belief system shapes society in a negative way because of the many differences we human beings have. We should accept each other's differences and live under a government that respects them all. On the other hand, if we apply one belief or trait to rule them all rebellion will spark. Rebellion will spark because the people beliefs are shut down and replaced for another one against their will. If we don’t accept each other's differences, war, rebellion, and revolution will rise. All countries desperate for good leadership should step away from religious rule, dictatorship, oligarchy or any other forms of government enforcing one will and adapt a multi-cultural form of government.
    To link the essential question to Marjane's perspective. I think she would view her authority as a supporter of inequality, but still has to follow their rules; if she doesn’t she’ll be punished.  On page 134, Marjane gets punished for not following the proper dress code. This incident is an example of inequality and her rebelling against authority by not following the proper dress code rules. Because of the belief system society is shaped as rebellious.
    How does life experience shape belief? I think relating back to my TIB (This I Believe) that life experience is the strongest method to shaping belief. I think that convincing someone is easiest and most efficient through life experience rather than spoken words. In my TIB I disrespected my parents for quite a while. I never really went into deeper understanding of that claim. This life experience I learned that my parents feed me, give me a proper education, and  support me no matter what I do. This told me that I should never disrespect them again and instead help them. My life experience created a belief. This belief was that my parents work hardest not least in my life and I should always respect them with the maximum ability.
    Linking the essential question into Marjane’s perspective is quite the same compared to my claim. On page 70 Marjane is mad at god for letting Anoosh get executed. But not only god also her current government for allowing the slaughter: because of this Marjane has more of a want to demonstrate against her leader. After this she also doesn’t believe in god anymore since he doesn’t appear after this incident. Marjane’s life experience changes her religion and will of power to fight and rebel.
How can one express a belief that connects/transforms an audience? I think one can express a belief that transforms an audience, but through a though process. Transforming an audience with a written speech will require perfect tone, vocabulary, word flow, emotion and life experienced story to make it touching. Once the factors are all perfectly mastered in your speech you will transform an audience and make them understand your point.
  I believe that all the essential questions are the main parts of grade eights main claim:   What is the power of voice? I think we wrote this blog post in order to understand to the essential claim and from there on relating back to grade eights main claim. This must mean that our school work must also be related in some way. Through out the year I will be looking for connections between my work and grade eights essential question.

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