Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

An Author and Storyteller!

     An author and storyteller, Matthew Dicks, came to Graded this week, and the most profound thing he talked about was how to develop a professional story. Especially the part where he reviewed the "five-second rule," this was an intense detail from his presentation because I have always overlooked this in the movies I watch, the stories I read and in the stories I have listened to. It basically means that all the GOOD stories out there are based around these five seconds where in the end the character realizes the opposite of these five seconds.
Something that was inspiring in his informative speech was how he explained to us that he didn't have any talent he just worked really hard which resulted in success. If I were to describe one core value that illustrate Mathew Dicks' life it would be perseverance. I chose this core value to describe him because no matter the fact that he died twice, or went to jail, got arrested, was unemployed, and had unhelpful parents he still went on and continued his job as a novelist. This is not only seen in him, many successful people, like Steve Jobs, have needed to persevere to continue their dream.
Not to mention, he has a growth mindset because he welcomes feedback to improve his work.
After listening to his special lifetime homework assignment, I decide to execute it. Having a writer's lens, like he explained, might come in handy one day.

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