Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Glimpse of Me in Seven Lines

Social, Funny
Accelerated, Guided, Balanced
 Kinesthetic, pool, goals, Creator
 Writing, Maintained, Communicating
Intelligent, Creative
     For my poem, I wrote 16 words total, but those words reflected on both my human sides. If you are wondering, the first is related to my athletic/family life, the other represents my life at school. If I were to go into more depth, starting with my family/social life, I chose, "swimmer," because it's my favourite sport which I rehearse three times a week with my father, who was a junior Olympic water polo player. This gives me an incentive to swim and, of course, something to boast about. Furthermore, I added balanced to the poem because I try to stay objective between being an academic student and a social, funny, athletic person. The middle section of my poem represents my core. As learner I am more kinesthetic than anything else, pool speaks for itself, but goals needs a little explanation. As a person I try to set goals for myself almost everyday illustrating how I want to improve. These are goals like, "Swim three times a week," yet over time I improve in either being a better academic student or being a finer athlete.
     A core value that really demonstrated myself during the creation of my poem was, "reflector." I say this because I never really reflect myself on paper. Making this experience a little weird, yet important. I say important because if I don't reflect on myself from time to time on paper then how could express my feelings to people who are dear to me. that is why I chose, "reflector," as the core value for my poem.

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