Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Are You Proud of Your Country?

     Throughout my unit about economics, I learned about the economic terms of three countries. These terms were, the GNP per capita, unemployment rate, inflation rate, and natural resources. In my learning, I applied these economic terms to my three countries the US, Spain and Mongolia. After a few days of research, I found all the information necessary to create an infographic demonstrating my learning. After gathering, I put the information into different graphs which ended up in my infographic.

     What I have learned about infographics is that they represent information in creative but informative way. The factors that make an infographic shine are shape, size, color and text. My latest infographic is better than previous one because I understand the concept of it more. For instance, in my previous infographic I saw infographics as another replacement for google slides. Basically a slide with pictures and a bit of text, but now I see that differently. Infographics represent a more interesting way to present data to me now.

    If I wanted to attract the audiences attention with my presentation I would do that in various ways, including but not limited to, a nice background making my image pop out. Images that represent my presentation and are pleasing to look at, images like, clip art, landscapes, portraits or famous arichtectuel buildings. Also, if possible, bring props to my presentation and hand them out to the audience the capture their full attention. If I had to go in further depth talking about my presentation skills, I would base that around my enthusiasm while presenting. When I present I think it's important keep the audience engaged and interested in my topic, which I carry out through speaking enthusiastically. After researching about my unit, I didn't just learn about it but I also learned how to present.

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