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Cool Background!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Big Reflection

My Growth

     In humanities, I have shown growth. The project that displays this is my argumentative essay about general welfare. During the project, I demonstrated the core value communicator because I worked on proving my point to audiences that didn't know anything about the topic and the audiences that were on the opposite side, individual rights. It wasn't easy to make such a convincing paper, but in the end it worked. Before I wrote the paper I thought that it was almost impossible to change someone's mind, but now I can see how convincing and cunning an argumentative essay can be.
      I believe I grew as a learner during my time in 7th grade and many of my classes have proven that. For instance, in my second year in science I have been presenting better grades and learning habits. One artifact that shows this is my essay for science where I demonstrated perseverance. This is because at some points while writing my essay I felt like giving up and not presenting my best work, but I kept going and tried to think positively. Which enhanced my performance and in the end I was satisfied with my end product. Before this project I thought writing a good essay was just to spend lots and lots of time on it, now I believe that you have to spend only small bits of your free time on it. This is because if you spend a small amount of time on it and make use that time to be totally focused on my project. In the end, it will get done quick and you'll be satisfied too.

The Struggle

     A project that illustrating my struggle throughout this semester was my math, "Solving X," problem. I this particular project was about me trying to solve new equations that I haven't covered in my math class yet. In this project I think I demonstrated the core value risk-taker. This is because I chose an unknown problem to solve. This was challenging, but after some research and teaching tutorials I understood how to solve the problem. Before this project I thought the only people who could teach you the right math to solve an equation were your parents or your teacher. Now I think anything can be achieved through research and helping hand from friends in math. As shown in the video below.

    Another struggle throughout my second semester was being inclusive. Being inclusive has never really been a threat to me since I always believe a mastered the core value, but after reading my report card for the third semester I could see my grades dropping in that category. Before reading the comments, I predicted the reasons why this happening in more than one class. First, I thought I had to collaborate more with the opposite gender so I would be, "inclusive." After reading my humanities comment, where the inclusive grade seemed to have been dropped most, I again thought it was because I worked to much with the same people. I thought about it all night and couldn't find a solution to the problem so the next I went to mister Hancocks room, my maths teacher and asked him how could improve my inclusive grade and what it really is. Mr Hancock explained it to me and said, " It's about being a leader and telling your peers what to do when their fooling around or off task," This did help me get back on track because the goal did seem easier to comprehend now that it was explained to me. 

Success as a Learner

     After studying, "Solving X" in math the unit test finally came. My dad and I studied for about two hours before the test was released. The day came, I had math third period. I felt apprehensive and nervous about my end results before taking the test. When I first looked at it I thought it was going to be easy, but as I continued viewing the rest of the test I realised that my knowledge wasn't broad enough for what the test was asking for me. Time passed and I had no idea what to do. I ended up slumped on my desk. I believe it's called a mental breakdown.  I just didn't know what to do. After talking my parents and a few teachers, including Mr.Tuttle, I took some rest and came back on track. Because the reassessment was in a week my dad and I decided to study every day for one hour. When the reassessment finally came I was fully prepared with 7+ hours of studying. The test was easy with amount of studying I did so I ended up getting a seven. Before this incident, I thought that you couldn't fully recover from your mistakes, but I now know that it is possible it just requires commitment and willpower.

     In my science class, we were practicing, "How to carry out an experiment." Throughout my classes, I paid attention to what he said and what he did while showing use how to do the experiment. After class, I even watched some youtube videos to improve my understanding on the topic. The next class we had a summative we did not know was coming. It was about how to undertake an unknown experiment. It was like my studying and listening in class had payed off. I ended up getting a really good grade. Before this, I thought that listening in class didn't have as much point, but now it's just as important as doing your homework to me.

My Goal

In my last quarter and the rest of my school life, my goal is to never give up no matter what brought me down. I will try, try and try to succeed until I am satisfied.

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