Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Monday, March 30, 2015

What will be the Replacement for Fossil Fuels and Natural Resources be in the near Future?

    What will people in Europe do if their fossil fuels and natural resources run out, and have to depend on other countries to provide them resources? This would be expensive for Europe since importing products instead of manufacturing them themselves is more expensive. These fossil fuels and natural recourses are food, water, natural gas, oil, coal, etc. This map illustrates the amount of oil left in our world, it's quite shocking.
     This is a pressing economic and political situation for governments. Energy and food are what make the economy grow. This problem would affect trade, and the international market, both categories heavily affecting a country growth. On the other hand, it will push the human race to use renewable resources more wich is healthy for our planet. In the end, a world without pollution (no fossil fuels) is pleasurable.

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