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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Does the Country you Live in Determine Wether you live long?

     The USA is a very rich and developed country accomplishing many great things through out its existence so why is it life expectancy so low? To start with, males are averaged 77.11 years, female 81.94 and an average of 79.56 years. These statistics are shockingly low for such industrialised country because the lifestyle of the citizens in the United States is very unhealthy. This has really taken affect raising heart disease, cancer and the chronic lower respiratory sickness and killing over 1,300,000 people annually claims the MNT Knowledge Center. If the citizens continue to contribute to over eating this death toll won't reduce nor stay the same, only rise, reports the Center for Retirement Research and it will even go as far as children growing up to be younger than their parents. But the United States won't give up on this conflict so easily. Right this instant many campaign are going on all determined to end obesity and unhealthy life styles. For instance, the End Obesity Campaign donating billions of dollars to create organisation determined to make children eat healthy and give them plenty of exercise. This not only happens in organisations but also at many school aim for the same goal.
     Next up we have the United Kingdom, it too is an industrialised and well developed country having set many goals and completed them. But they to don't have the highest of life expectancy, their average life expectancy is about 80.42, female 82.69 and male 78.42. The United Kingdom is a very successful country with a good government, economy, and infrastructure and if everything is so luxe why isn't their life expectancy sky high? Well the United Kingdom is facing a severe problem with CO² emissions, and as The Daily Mail explains, " In 2003, 1,582 deaths in the UK were attributed to the gas. The report predicts this will rise to around 2,391 deaths a year by 2020 as a result of increased pollution and climate change." IF this won't change soon the United Kingdom will surely suffer from ling cancer and other deadly disease relating to air pollution. And if that isn't enough climate change is jumping in too raising the climate and making the pollution even worse. But what can you do to stop this from happening? Well you could bike to school,go by bus instead of by car or even go as far as purchasing an electric car. If this stop the United Kingdom's life expectancy will improve and save many lives.
     Lastly we have Vietnam a bright and beautiful country in the south of Asia. Where tourists find peace and plenty in its beautiful view filled with lakes, jungles and mountains. But again life expectancy is low, significantly lower than the countries I mention before. First, the average life span of 72.91, male as 70.44 and female as 75.65 years. Well why is Vietnam suffering from such low life expectancy stats? The Vietnamese suffer from strokes, about 200,000 annually. Affecting 20% of its entire population. Why? The SIAGON has an answer, "The Vietnam Stroke Association said that stroke is common in middle-aged and elderly people. People with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, smokers have a higher risk for strokes." About 20 million people smoke in Vietnam, easily the primary source of strokes. But on the other hand Doctor San Jose declares, "Up to 50 percent of the participants quit in the first year," This is shocking and persistent statement that will hopefully make people stop smoking and reduce the risk of stroke!

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