Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Monday, March 30, 2015

What will be the Replacement for Fossil Fuels and Natural Resources be in the near Future?

    What will people in Europe do if their fossil fuels and natural resources run out, and have to depend on other countries to provide them resources? This would be expensive for Europe since importing products instead of manufacturing them themselves is more expensive. These fossil fuels and natural recourses are food, water, natural gas, oil, coal, etc. This map illustrates the amount of oil left in our world, it's quite shocking.
     This is a pressing economic and political situation for governments. Energy and food are what make the economy grow. This problem would affect trade, and the international market, both categories heavily affecting a country growth. On the other hand, it will push the human race to use renewable resources more wich is healthy for our planet. In the end, a world without pollution (no fossil fuels) is pleasurable.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Meu Cidade

      Formas de transporte na minha cidade é o aviao, carro, metro e a bicicleta. O grande airoporto da Hollanda, Amsterdam, o schiphol. No schiphol, aspesoas de todo mundo chegam. Tembéem o carro é uma forma de transporte muito usados da Hollanda, é muito usada porque esses sao barato para quanitidade usada. O metro na Hollanda é muito usado por é muito usado porque essa forma de transportes é muito usado porque essa forma de transportes é muito barato è muito rapido. Tambéem essa forma de transport é facilmente assesivel. Finalmente a bicicleta é muito famosa, barata e muito forte. A bicileta é um veculo famoso porque muitas pesoas usam esse metodo de transporte. Porque os materias is sao muitos baratos. A bicicleta é muito barata pra construir o vecula. Finalmente a bicicleta é muito forte. A bicicleta é feita de metal, plastico, aluminio e borracha minha cidad, na Hollanda, tem muitas meios de transporte.

Qual cidade vocés moro?

Qual methodo de transporte a sua cidade?

Qual methodo de transporte e popular a sua cidade?

Quantos pesoas moro a sua cidade?
     Em aula a Português , nos terminar o projeto, "Meu Bairro." Esse projeto era sobre o meu bairro em Moema,73, Avenida Juriti. Meu aula tinha que ashar o supermercado, farmacia, estisiou de gasolina, restaurante, etc. perto do meu bairro é a rotina do meu casa a ecola graduada. O core values eu demonstra somos critical thing, é perseverance. Eu escoria esse core values porque eu demonstra critical thing quando meu presentacau porque eu sobre memorizar o texté. Seconda, eu demonstra risk taker porque eu disse meu favorito restaurante. Meu bairro e uma 10 do 10 porque meu bairro tem uma piscina é uma quadra de futebol é restaurante muito bom com Fifties, Si Senor é Americanas. Eu penso que por escrivé Português sur meu bairro é 4 do 10 porque e muitas difícil.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Does the Country you Live in Determine Wether you live long?

     The USA is a very rich and developed country accomplishing many great things through out its existence so why is it life expectancy so low? To start with, males are averaged 77.11 years, female 81.94 and an average of 79.56 years. These statistics are shockingly low for such industrialised country because the lifestyle of the citizens in the United States is very unhealthy. This has really taken affect raising heart disease, cancer and the chronic lower respiratory sickness and killing over 1,300,000 people annually claims the MNT Knowledge Center. If the citizens continue to contribute to over eating this death toll won't reduce nor stay the same, only rise, reports the Center for Retirement Research and it will even go as far as children growing up to be younger than their parents. But the United States won't give up on this conflict so easily. Right this instant many campaign are going on all determined to end obesity and unhealthy life styles. For instance, the End Obesity Campaign donating billions of dollars to create organisation determined to make children eat healthy and give them plenty of exercise. This not only happens in organisations but also at many school aim for the same goal.
     Next up we have the United Kingdom, it too is an industrialised and well developed country having set many goals and completed them. But they to don't have the highest of life expectancy, their average life expectancy is about 80.42, female 82.69 and male 78.42. The United Kingdom is a very successful country with a good government, economy, and infrastructure and if everything is so luxe why isn't their life expectancy sky high? Well the United Kingdom is facing a severe problem with CO² emissions, and as The Daily Mail explains, " In 2003, 1,582 deaths in the UK were attributed to the gas. The report predicts this will rise to around 2,391 deaths a year by 2020 as a result of increased pollution and climate change." IF this won't change soon the United Kingdom will surely suffer from ling cancer and other deadly disease relating to air pollution. And if that isn't enough climate change is jumping in too raising the climate and making the pollution even worse. But what can you do to stop this from happening? Well you could bike to school,go by bus instead of by car or even go as far as purchasing an electric car. If this stop the United Kingdom's life expectancy will improve and save many lives.
     Lastly we have Vietnam a bright and beautiful country in the south of Asia. Where tourists find peace and plenty in its beautiful view filled with lakes, jungles and mountains. But again life expectancy is low, significantly lower than the countries I mention before. First, the average life span of 72.91, male as 70.44 and female as 75.65 years. Well why is Vietnam suffering from such low life expectancy stats? The Vietnamese suffer from strokes, about 200,000 annually. Affecting 20% of its entire population. Why? The SIAGON has an answer, "The Vietnam Stroke Association said that stroke is common in middle-aged and elderly people. People with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, smokers have a higher risk for strokes." About 20 million people smoke in Vietnam, easily the primary source of strokes. But on the other hand Doctor San Jose declares, "Up to 50 percent of the participants quit in the first year," This is shocking and persistent statement that will hopefully make people stop smoking and reduce the risk of stroke!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

What is a Civilisation Without Government?

     What is the purpose of government? The purpose of government is to protect their citizens, to create rules and order, meet the basic needs of their people and to make important decisions. The government has to ensure the safety and protection of their citizens. They could do this by inheriting a police force to keep the people safe from harm or go even further and set up an army ready to fend off hostile forces. Also governments have to create laws and rules to keep their citizens happy. Through out the years many types of governments have been created and nobles, kings, and peasants were all part of that. In the end all their wishes were fulfilled and all their voice were heard. Without government people wouldn't know order or laws in their lifetime. After a government has installed rules and order they will need to meet the basic needs of the people. They can do this by suppling their folk with food, shelter, protection and jobs. They could do this through debating on food and job distribution or if they are going to build a curtain wall or an extra series of houses. If these basic needs are met the citizen will be happy and the chance of the government being overthrown will disappear. Lastly, a government has to rule over their land and people. In a time of war, the government might send soldiers through the land to protect small villages or towns. But the authority must also rule over their people. For instance, inheriting a work force hired to build a watch tower or market place to keep trade flowing. To sum up the purpose of government is to protect, create laws, and to rule.
     Does the government of "The Giver" meet all the government purposes? I think "The Giver's" government does meet all the governments purposes except one. Precisely, the fact that the authority doesn't provide a choice for their citizens. This is shown at various points in the book, such as, when Jonas tries to pick out clothes to wear through his day. We realise that his closet is filled with all the same coloured and shaped clothes. His parents, friends, and teacher all wear the same outfit! To add on, the entire community is identical "clothes" wise. This simple but visible thing impacts the freedom of choice dramatically in the society. Later in the book, Jonas goes to an assembly on his twelfth birthday and he picked for his job assignment. Notice that I mention, "picked" yes,  Jonas doesn't get to get to choose his job. He is "picked" by the government and so is everyone else. These reasons explain why this government has failed to meet all a governments purposes.  Other than that "The Giver's" government is very organised and powerful even though the do lack in certain categories.