Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Another Semester that went by!

     What factors change the structure and characteristics of a population over time? There are many factor that changes the structure and characteristics of a population overtime. I am going to focus on the specific factors of war and tyranny. If country is affected by war like Iran it will downgraded every prosperous aspect of that country. This is evident, in Persepolis, a book we read in the first quarter of humanities. Persepolis takes place in Iran where religion is the cause of the war the slowly eats away at the countries freedom, education,  and its equal rights. In the end, war will cause the population of any country to be depressed and rebellious because they all want this terrible civil war to end.  The characteristic and population will also be determined by how the country it's ruled. If it ends up being some sort of tyrant, like in Shakespeare's Macbeth, the country will also turn rebellious and feel deceived when their chosen leader was a bad one. This could also cause an imbalance  in trust between the population as the mistake might happen again.
     Which reading was most challenging and why? To me, the most challenging reading was Persepolis because it had difficult themes, such as, war and religion. The war in Persepolis was hard to understand because so many different things were going on at the same time. Not to mention, that religion added to the amount of variables taking place in the war. The religious parties shifted from chapter to chapter making it had to keep up sometimes.
     Which writing piece was most challenging and why? The most challenging writing piece for me was writing our argumentative speech as it was the first time I did such a thing. This did mean that I learned many new things about writing speech and how to present one.
     Which project(s) was your favorite and why? My favourite project was the essay we wrote about a chosen topic which took place in the Renaissance. This was my favourite topic because we had the freedom of choice because of this we had more fun writing and researching about our chosen topic. Also, it was fun to add our article to a book giving us the opportunity to decorate and finalize our work.
     What is one project/learning experience you would recommend that next year’s Humanities class participate in? If I had to recommend a project next years class should do it would be the Macbeth performance. This performance was extremely fun the execute not just as a summative, but also as the overall fun of going on the stage and performing in front of your friends.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Lá fora estava meu amigo
Lá fora é o lugar da paz 
Lá fora são os meus livros que vêm à vida 
Lá fora é o guardião dos segredos 
Lá fora tem sido o meu guia 
A liberdade vem em paz A paz vem lá de fora. 
Férias é uma oportunidade de explorar novos lugares 
Lugares que me trazem emoções 
Um cheiro diferente é uma emoção diferente 
Uma temperatura diferente traz uma emoção diferente 
Um ambiente diferente dá uma nova emoção diferente 
Deixe as emoções lavarem você 
Lá fora eu vivia uma infância bonita e cheia de emoção 
E ainda é assim hoje...
O meu projeto foi um poema de infância. Eu fiz uma música para fazer o video mais interessante. Eu aprendi sobre o pretérito imperfeito. Eu usei o core value perseverante porque o PAL C é muito difícil. Se eu fizesse esse projeto novamente, eu tentaria pegar mais fotos de mim. Eu mais gostei de fazer nesse projeto é fazer as músicas.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Math is fun with Mr. Swartz!

     Throughout my first quarter in math I have worked hard to achieve inner satisfaction. Luckily, my hard work has paid of in high grades. As we are currently studying algebra and the Pythagorean theorem I relate to them as my strengths. I know the rules and methods by heart creating an easy solve for any equation. If I had to highlight one section where I could improve in it would be knowing how to evaluate a trapezoid by heart, because that is the last method I still need to memorize.
      For the next test I will study until I feel completely confident about every topic the test is about. I will also study on several days so that my brain can practice and memorize with ease. I hope to carry this improvement to my future quarters.

Friday, October 2, 2015

O Doutor

     Postagem sobre as dramatizaçoes

Eu estudei doenças simples como gripe, tosse e febre. Também eu estudei as partes de corpo como olhos, pernas e estômago.  Doenças, tipos de remédios alopáticos e tratamentos naturais. Eu estudei também no começo do bimestre.  Meu grupo fez as dramatizações para demonstrar nosso aprendizado este bimestre. Eu aprendi sobre as partes do corpo em português e eu aprendi sobre os nomes dos remédios. Os core values eu uso é perseverance e innovative. Eu escolhi o core value perseverance porque eu fez uma projeto/dramatizações em uma lingua estranha para mim. Também eu escolhi innovative porque eu usei novas ideas para construir esse dramatizações.  Se eu tivesse que recomeçar o meu projeto, o que eu faria diferente é usar mais materiais para fazer a experiência mais real.  Eu posso aplicar esse dramatizações para minha vida porque agora eu posso ir para o médico e falar com ele sobre minha remédios.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mastering, The Power of Voice

    What is the power of voice? I think the power of voice directly influences your social habits and will to change. If you communicate well with the people around you, you will create a strong bond with them. Even when positive or negative. This bond represents power since you are stronger when besides someone else than on your own. You can also convince others with your voice/words to achieve these bonds. Not to mention, power of voice also influences your will to fight. I mention this because I think if one receives a powerful speech and is convinced he will fight for the man/woman who presented that speech.
    How does a belief system shape society? I believe that a belief system shapes society in a negative way because of the many differences we human beings have. We should accept each other's differences and live under a government that respects them all. On the other hand, if we apply one belief or trait to rule them all rebellion will spark. Rebellion will spark because the people beliefs are shut down and replaced for another one against their will. If we don’t accept each other's differences, war, rebellion, and revolution will rise. All countries desperate for good leadership should step away from religious rule, dictatorship, oligarchy or any other forms of government enforcing one will and adapt a multi-cultural form of government.
    To link the essential question to Marjane's perspective. I think she would view her authority as a supporter of inequality, but still has to follow their rules; if she doesn’t she’ll be punished.  On page 134, Marjane gets punished for not following the proper dress code. This incident is an example of inequality and her rebelling against authority by not following the proper dress code rules. Because of the belief system society is shaped as rebellious.
    How does life experience shape belief? I think relating back to my TIB (This I Believe) that life experience is the strongest method to shaping belief. I think that convincing someone is easiest and most efficient through life experience rather than spoken words. In my TIB I disrespected my parents for quite a while. I never really went into deeper understanding of that claim. This life experience I learned that my parents feed me, give me a proper education, and  support me no matter what I do. This told me that I should never disrespect them again and instead help them. My life experience created a belief. This belief was that my parents work hardest not least in my life and I should always respect them with the maximum ability.
    Linking the essential question into Marjane’s perspective is quite the same compared to my claim. On page 70 Marjane is mad at god for letting Anoosh get executed. But not only god also her current government for allowing the slaughter: because of this Marjane has more of a want to demonstrate against her leader. After this she also doesn’t believe in god anymore since he doesn’t appear after this incident. Marjane’s life experience changes her religion and will of power to fight and rebel.
How can one express a belief that connects/transforms an audience? I think one can express a belief that transforms an audience, but through a though process. Transforming an audience with a written speech will require perfect tone, vocabulary, word flow, emotion and life experienced story to make it touching. Once the factors are all perfectly mastered in your speech you will transform an audience and make them understand your point.
  I believe that all the essential questions are the main parts of grade eights main claim:   What is the power of voice? I think we wrote this blog post in order to understand to the essential claim and from there on relating back to grade eights main claim. This must mean that our school work must also be related in some way. Through out the year I will be looking for connections between my work and grade eights essential question.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Meu Fim de Semana

    No sabado do meu fim de semana,  minha familia fomos no parque. No parque minha familia e eu andamos muito. O parque é o parque Ibirapuera. O parque Ibirapuera tem uma exbiçao sobre arte futura. A arte futura é muito estranha mas legal. No domingo eu joguei basquete com meus amigos e eu nadei com meu pai. Porque nos fizemos muito exercicio eu fique com muita sede e fome, eu bebi, “mountain dew code red,” e comi  pipoca salgada. Na segunda-feira eu joguei video games e li o livro, “passage.”  No video game eu jogei o jogo, “Destiny.” O jogo foi muito bom porque eu chutei os aliens. O fim de semana foi muito bom!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

An Author and Storyteller!

     An author and storyteller, Matthew Dicks, came to Graded this week, and the most profound thing he talked about was how to develop a professional story. Especially the part where he reviewed the "five-second rule," this was an intense detail from his presentation because I have always overlooked this in the movies I watch, the stories I read and in the stories I have listened to. It basically means that all the GOOD stories out there are based around these five seconds where in the end the character realizes the opposite of these five seconds.
Something that was inspiring in his informative speech was how he explained to us that he didn't have any talent he just worked really hard which resulted in success. If I were to describe one core value that illustrate Mathew Dicks' life it would be perseverance. I chose this core value to describe him because no matter the fact that he died twice, or went to jail, got arrested, was unemployed, and had unhelpful parents he still went on and continued his job as a novelist. This is not only seen in him, many successful people, like Steve Jobs, have needed to persevere to continue their dream.
Not to mention, he has a growth mindset because he welcomes feedback to improve his work.
After listening to his special lifetime homework assignment, I decide to execute it. Having a writer's lens, like he explained, might come in handy one day.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Goal

Goals range you can chose from, being more athletic, more funny, a better pupil, anything really. From all these choices to choose from I agreed to one:
I will swim three a week maybe more if possible. I will warm up beforehand so I don’t over stretch anything. I will tally my score and lanes through my trainer.
This goal will make more successful at being an athlete because it establishes a routine I must follow. Which will require my commitment which will be turned into results. As for needing help, my trainer will guid me through the process.

A Glimpse of Me in Seven Lines

Social, Funny
Accelerated, Guided, Balanced
 Kinesthetic, pool, goals, Creator
 Writing, Maintained, Communicating
Intelligent, Creative
     For my poem, I wrote 16 words total, but those words reflected on both my human sides. If you are wondering, the first is related to my athletic/family life, the other represents my life at school. If I were to go into more depth, starting with my family/social life, I chose, "swimmer," because it's my favourite sport which I rehearse three times a week with my father, who was a junior Olympic water polo player. This gives me an incentive to swim and, of course, something to boast about. Furthermore, I added balanced to the poem because I try to stay objective between being an academic student and a social, funny, athletic person. The middle section of my poem represents my core. As learner I am more kinesthetic than anything else, pool speaks for itself, but goals needs a little explanation. As a person I try to set goals for myself almost everyday illustrating how I want to improve. These are goals like, "Swim three times a week," yet over time I improve in either being a better academic student or being a finer athlete.
     A core value that really demonstrated myself during the creation of my poem was, "reflector." I say this because I never really reflect myself on paper. Making this experience a little weird, yet important. I say important because if I don't reflect on myself from time to time on paper then how could express my feelings to people who are dear to me. that is why I chose, "reflector," as the core value for my poem.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pictures with Power!

    How do the three pictures demonstrate conflict through learning.
For the first picture, I chose from my four cumulative slides was the judge's hammer. I chose this picture as my first because I think it demonstrates conflict at its end. This is because it is the one who executes the final decision. If the victim lives or dies if the law will pass or fail all in the hands of this object. Even though this object demonstrates a large amount of negativity, it could still act as something positive, like saving someone life in court. It demonstrates an external conflict.
    Next, I chose the masks with emotions on them. This picture is related to my studied conflict, the internet. The internet inflicts emotions to anyone this could be things like breakups in relationships through social media or if your expensive computer gets hacked. The internet might help us access things much easier, but there are many smart people wanting to take advantage of others. But what I'm really trying to get at is conflict affecting our future leaders. Cyberbullying. The term stands for when a child or teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child or teen while using the Internet. It isn't when adult is trying to lure children into offline meetings, that is called sexual exploitation or luring by a sexual predator, so don't get confused, this is pure social! Cyberbullying usually involves a repeated amount death threat or a serious threat related to the body. As a result, there have been reports of suicides and drastic changes in behaviour.
      For my last picture, I chose the dominoes. It relates itself to conflict through how allies and enemy form. With this I mean if one alliance or group has wants to conquer land and demonstrates his or her success through media. The media is posted worldwide some alliances or countries might join in his or her uprising. Now that the alliance has a larger amount of people with them others might want to join since they see success in that group. As the group wins more conflict other groups will join making it expand even more. This quick explanation demonstrates how this would be a domino effect, demonstrating your success will make others join.
      These pictures seem ordinary, but they all have a special relation to conflict as I explained above. Can you come up with any?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Battle Fought with not only our Fist, but also our Minds!


      When a conflict occurs people are changed by it. Those changes consist of their reputation, their finance, and their land, but before we start talking about we also have to go over the external and internal conflicts and how the people are affected by that. Internal conflicts are build around how the human mind, or the mind of a living creature, reacts to certain scenarios. For instance, a spy will have to solve the conflicts he faces in his mind and to the people around him since they are his enemy. An internal conflict is basically someone trying to solve a conflict in their head. On the other hand, external conflicts are centered around man vs man or man vs animal, vice-versa. Which is demonstrated through fighting, battles, and raids. When either an internal or an external conflict occurs the man that is undergoing could suffer from their reputation, in which their name falls under, "the man who failed" demonstrating a person who failed at their task. To continue on, people's finance could be decreased too because they have to spend money on their external conflict (protection, materials, shelter) or spend medication on their internal conflict (Drugs, medicine). Not to mention, that person could also lose owned land. This could happen when his or her country is conquered in war and is taken over by enemies. Or the person makes the wrong financial decision resulting in bankruptcy or lack of money. On the other hand, some conflicts could be fortunate for the person, for instance, the person reputation could enlarge if the person earns an achievement in war or a gain in land because he or she occupies newly conquered land. Overall people can be can be changed by conflicts in a positive and in a negative way. 
     The internet is very recent invention, but none the less it has impacted society more than ever. Both positive and in negative ways, some include but not limited to, easy ways to find answers to your questions, easier to communicate (long range, before the internet you had to write postcards now you merely have to send an email and the person on the other side of the globe will receive it in seconds). Also illegal software is free to download resulting in lesser spending (music, games, education programs, etc.), important for companies to advertise online, it's an efficient way to work; if you're sick you can still follow the lesson at home because of the internet or if you want to spend a day on and not miss work (work at home and still see your family even though you’re working.) The internet has also resulted in am improvement in organisation. Though the internet does have its cons too. The internet is responsible for altering the social behaviour, habits and abilities of people (especially children are often badly influenced by the internet). Less talking and interaction amongst the family because they are surfing the internet. Meeting bad influences on the internet which to contributes to drastic change in behaviour. Less security. (You have to buy antivirus programs and update them to preventing your computer from being hacked and all your personal information being read. Including pin. People could blackmail you with this.) Also, children will know more about the “technical world than the real world” meaning that they know how to do simple chores. considering these pros and cons of the internet I predict that the internet will improve society through communication and work.

Are You Proud of Your Country?

     Throughout my unit about economics, I learned about the economic terms of three countries. These terms were, the GNP per capita, unemployment rate, inflation rate, and natural resources. In my learning, I applied these economic terms to my three countries the US, Spain and Mongolia. After a few days of research, I found all the information necessary to create an infographic demonstrating my learning. After gathering, I put the information into different graphs which ended up in my infographic.

     What I have learned about infographics is that they represent information in creative but informative way. The factors that make an infographic shine are shape, size, color and text. My latest infographic is better than previous one because I understand the concept of it more. For instance, in my previous infographic I saw infographics as another replacement for google slides. Basically a slide with pictures and a bit of text, but now I see that differently. Infographics represent a more interesting way to present data to me now.

    If I wanted to attract the audiences attention with my presentation I would do that in various ways, including but not limited to, a nice background making my image pop out. Images that represent my presentation and are pleasing to look at, images like, clip art, landscapes, portraits or famous arichtectuel buildings. Also, if possible, bring props to my presentation and hand them out to the audience the capture their full attention. If I had to go in further depth talking about my presentation skills, I would base that around my enthusiasm while presenting. When I present I think it's important keep the audience engaged and interested in my topic, which I carry out through speaking enthusiastically. After researching about my unit, I didn't just learn about it but I also learned how to present.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

An Informative Unit!


     In our world, there are about 40 years left until our natural resources run out, and leaves little time remaining. Natural resource depletion is split into three categories, net forest depletion, energy depletion and mineral depletion. Net forest depletion is the rent times the excess of round wood harvest over natural growth. It covers wood, plants and animals. It basically means more forest disappears than grows back. Energy resource depletion is the reduction of coal, oil and natural gas. Mineral Depletion covers tin, gold, lead, zinc, iron, copper, nickel, silver, steel, bauxite (used to make aluminum) and phosphate. Plants, animals and wood all suffer from net forest depletion. The main cause for this is urbanization, illegal logging and agriculture. In fact, urbanization, illegal logging, and agriculture have resulted in 18 million acres of forest cut down annually.The consequences of these cut down trees are; soil erosion, global warming (caused by rise of greenhouse gasses), extinction of species, loss of biodiversity, flooding, drought and depletion of plants that could be the solution to deadly illnesses like cancer. In 1850, before commercial production of oil began, there were about 2 trillion barrels of oil in the ground. By about the year 2010, half of that oil had been consumed! Leaving only about 1 trillion barrels of oil in the earth. This demonstrates how fast our resource are being consumed and how fast our population is growing. Mineral depletion is the depletion of the minerals I mentioned before. The main reason behind this all is higher demand for them and industrial bloom. These minerals are not wasted because they're either too expensive, too rare or too valuable.
     Some governments say that solar energy is the perfect renewable energy to compensate for our depletion of natural resources and in the follow few sentences I will explain why this isn't a solution. Annual global energy consumption in 2005 was approximately 500 EJ (exajoule, 10 to the 18th or a 1 with 18 zero’s), of which 20% by the US. I know this does not say much, but the 2011 Tsunami in Japan produced 1.4 EJ. So to meet current energy wants by using solar power, then, we would need an array with a size of 500/33,000 x 36 million km2, which is about 550,000 km2. A machine the size of France. The production and maintenance of this array would require vast quantities of hydrocarbons, metals, and other materials resulting in a very expensive and tiring process. Solar power will, therefore, do little to solve the world’s energy problems. Even though it’s renewable energy source, but what can we do to solve the problem?
      We could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by buying energy efficient appliances. Cycle, walk or use public transportation instead of using a car. Use more recycled products. Buy secondhand. Participate in conservation projects. Turn off all appliances (electrical and water) when not in use. Harvest rainwater when you can and use it for cleaning, the toilet or watering your plants. As for governments, they could promote more bicycle paths to push people out of their cars which will reduce the petrol consumption. This happened in the Netherlands. This affected its country because cars were used less frequently. This is a great example that other countries should follow too. Meaning that, slowly but surely we'll overcome natural resource depletion or at leat slow the process.
     If I had to apply a solution to this world issue, it would be something simple that many people will be able to do. This could be things like I mention before, turn off electrical or water appliances when not in use. Buy products second hand or used hand me downs more often instead of buying new ones. If everyone did this, natural resource depletion will go down at a much faster rate. My learning I experienced during this project was immense. I now know so much more about this topic that I believe many other people should be encouraged in doing something similar too. The natural resource depletion unit was an informative, fun and shocking unit to learn. After completing my research, I realized how important this issue actually is and how little the outside world knows about it.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Meu Video!

Eu pensa meu video e bom porque o video representa a minha bairro moram. O valorias eu demsoram sur meu video é, "comunicator." O valor é, "comunicator" porque eu explicar o meu bairro moram para otros pesoas. Meu bairro e um 8 porque voce pode fazer muitas coisas me porque meu bairro e nao 10 é porque o escola e nao bom.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

One for all, and all for one!

     Throughout my time in humanities, my class and I have have made a special picture slide every time a quarter ends. These slides are called, "cumulative slides." They represent our learning in mostly pictures and a small sentence. In my case, democracy. Representing your claim in one small sentence and images is not easy. Pushing you to pick thoughtful and high-quality pictures relating to your topic requires thinking and commitment. This slide is based on a question and I am trying to explain that question through images. My question was, "what are the challenges to creating and maintaining a democracy?" Creating a democracy isn't an easy thing to apply to government. This is because if a democracy is an oligarchy, dictatorship, tyranny or monarchy, most of the time these types of authorities are selfish and don't want to share money or power with the people. It is hard to create a democratic government because the authority doesn't want to change since it will affect their finance and power. If their mind is changed though, to accept democracy in their country, it will have to go through many changes. 
      These changes consist of giving the people in their society the right to have a voice, the right to a fair trial, and the right to vote. Giving the people the right to have voice does take power away if you were dictator or part of an oligarchy before, but the result is astronomical. The people of the society respect their authorities because they give them a voice that will be heard even if it's a negative comment. Their claim will taken into consideration if the government is democratic, and that is why I put the picture of a man screaming in a microphone. The man is sharing his opinion to the public without being harmed or arrested. There are governments that didn't apply this rule to every citizen and therefore only respecting certain citizens. This is demonstrated in the United States where negros were disrespected. To add on, Martin Luther King Jr protested against his government since he was negro too. His "I have a dream speech" proved that, and he make his voice be heard. Also, they citizens have the right to a fair trial if the live in a democratic society, as the sixth amendment states, "In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense." The picture of the judge's hammer represents this because that symbolizes a judge, which is big part of democratic society. To conclude, the people of a society have the right to vote. Voting is part of the citizens having a voice, yet it's expressed differently. Voting gives the citizens the right to express their thoughts about their current leaders, and the right to change if they aren't happy with them. This vote is totally is personal and private and it can't be changed by anyone once it's confirmed. That is why I put a photo of people voting privity and peacefully. 
     If you have observed my slide correctly you can also see three arrows (from the mention pictures judges hammer, vote scene and man screaming in a microphone) pointing to two different pictures showcasing democracy. This is because I believe democracy is made from three things, people having a voice, the ability to vote and the right to fair trial.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Big Reflection

My Growth

     In humanities, I have shown growth. The project that displays this is my argumentative essay about general welfare. During the project, I demonstrated the core value communicator because I worked on proving my point to audiences that didn't know anything about the topic and the audiences that were on the opposite side, individual rights. It wasn't easy to make such a convincing paper, but in the end it worked. Before I wrote the paper I thought that it was almost impossible to change someone's mind, but now I can see how convincing and cunning an argumentative essay can be.
      I believe I grew as a learner during my time in 7th grade and many of my classes have proven that. For instance, in my second year in science I have been presenting better grades and learning habits. One artifact that shows this is my essay for science where I demonstrated perseverance. This is because at some points while writing my essay I felt like giving up and not presenting my best work, but I kept going and tried to think positively. Which enhanced my performance and in the end I was satisfied with my end product. Before this project I thought writing a good essay was just to spend lots and lots of time on it, now I believe that you have to spend only small bits of your free time on it. This is because if you spend a small amount of time on it and make use that time to be totally focused on my project. In the end, it will get done quick and you'll be satisfied too.

The Struggle

     A project that illustrating my struggle throughout this semester was my math, "Solving X," problem. I this particular project was about me trying to solve new equations that I haven't covered in my math class yet. In this project I think I demonstrated the core value risk-taker. This is because I chose an unknown problem to solve. This was challenging, but after some research and teaching tutorials I understood how to solve the problem. Before this project I thought the only people who could teach you the right math to solve an equation were your parents or your teacher. Now I think anything can be achieved through research and helping hand from friends in math. As shown in the video below.

    Another struggle throughout my second semester was being inclusive. Being inclusive has never really been a threat to me since I always believe a mastered the core value, but after reading my report card for the third semester I could see my grades dropping in that category. Before reading the comments, I predicted the reasons why this happening in more than one class. First, I thought I had to collaborate more with the opposite gender so I would be, "inclusive." After reading my humanities comment, where the inclusive grade seemed to have been dropped most, I again thought it was because I worked to much with the same people. I thought about it all night and couldn't find a solution to the problem so the next I went to mister Hancocks room, my maths teacher and asked him how could improve my inclusive grade and what it really is. Mr Hancock explained it to me and said, " It's about being a leader and telling your peers what to do when their fooling around or off task," This did help me get back on track because the goal did seem easier to comprehend now that it was explained to me. 

Success as a Learner

     After studying, "Solving X" in math the unit test finally came. My dad and I studied for about two hours before the test was released. The day came, I had math third period. I felt apprehensive and nervous about my end results before taking the test. When I first looked at it I thought it was going to be easy, but as I continued viewing the rest of the test I realised that my knowledge wasn't broad enough for what the test was asking for me. Time passed and I had no idea what to do. I ended up slumped on my desk. I believe it's called a mental breakdown.  I just didn't know what to do. After talking my parents and a few teachers, including Mr.Tuttle, I took some rest and came back on track. Because the reassessment was in a week my dad and I decided to study every day for one hour. When the reassessment finally came I was fully prepared with 7+ hours of studying. The test was easy with amount of studying I did so I ended up getting a seven. Before this incident, I thought that you couldn't fully recover from your mistakes, but I now know that it is possible it just requires commitment and willpower.

     In my science class, we were practicing, "How to carry out an experiment." Throughout my classes, I paid attention to what he said and what he did while showing use how to do the experiment. After class, I even watched some youtube videos to improve my understanding on the topic. The next class we had a summative we did not know was coming. It was about how to undertake an unknown experiment. It was like my studying and listening in class had payed off. I ended up getting a really good grade. Before this, I thought that listening in class didn't have as much point, but now it's just as important as doing your homework to me.

My Goal

In my last quarter and the rest of my school life, my goal is to never give up no matter what brought me down. I will try, try and try to succeed until I am satisfied.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Europe's Natural Resources Running out

     What have you learned? Throughout my geography classes, I have studied Europe's depletion of natural resources. After a few classes of continues research, posting and reflection I feel like an expert on my topic. Lets start by explaining the topic, in Europe, there are about 25 years left until its natural resources run out. Natural resource depletion in Europe is split into three categories, net forest depletion, energy depletion and mineral depletion. Net forest depletion is the rent times the excess of round wood harvest over natural growth. Energy resource depletion is the reduction of coal, crude oil and natural gas. Mineral Depletion covers tin, gold, lead, zinc, iron, copper, nickel, silver, bauxite and phosphate all important for Europe further development. Additionally, the main natural resources depleting in Europe are water, steel, fish stocks, oil and important fertiliser. Water scarcity in Europe and the rest of the world has grown to be so bad that it affects one in three people. Speaking about water, over the next 20 years humans will use 40% more water that they do now. Demands for steel is also set rise by 80% between the years 2010 and 2030 in the continent. Why this is happening isn't confirmed. To add on, commercial over-exploitation of the world's fish stocks has been so severe that it has been estimated that up to 13% of global fisheries have 'collapsed.' The BP Statistical Review of World Energy in June measured total global oil at 188.8 million tonnes, at the end of 2010. This is only enough oil for the next 46.2 years, should this global/European production remain at the same rate. This will affect Europe's economy largely because oil is a big part of their development. To conclude, Europe is lacking an important fertiliser called phosphorus. The fertiliser is made from phosphate rock which is only small in quantity throughout the world and can only be found in certain countries. Scientist from the Global Phosphorus Research Initiative claimed that in 50 to 100 years Europe will run out of this chemical used for farming. If no replacement is found. These few statistics prove my learning about the topic. 
     What do still want to learn? What I still want to learn about Europes natural resource depletion is how governments are going to solve this problem. I want to learn this because I am curious about how authorities and scientists are going to handle this problem. I believe that authorities will pay scientists to research and create a new type of renewable energy which is more efficient than others. After this future invention will be applied to countries it will hopefully highly reduce the amount of a carbon dioxide in the air. Which will also help remove global warming, a threatening event. In the end, it might be good that our natural resources run out.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Meu Parque a meu Cidade.

O maior parque de minha cidade é o parque "Hilversum," esse parque é muito freqeuntado porque nesse parque contem parquinho de diversoes. No fim de semana eu vou com bicicleta para o parque "Hilversum," com meu Pai. Depois que nos chegamos no parque meu pai compra sorvete de Nestlé. Depois, nos vamos caminhar no parque por aproximadente uma hora. Durante essa caminhada, eu assisti passaro com cores azul com branco, o passaro justo branco é o passaro que voa em formaçao V. Essa formaçcao é muito boa proque os passaros nessa formaçao é perfeito no céu. Essa parque, "Hilversum," fica na Hollanda, Amsterdam no sul. Nesse parque, da pra comprar materias, e caminhar muito longe porque esse parque é longo (1,500,004 e voces podem fazer picnic no lago. O que é especial de esse parque é a natureza. Essa natureza purefica a atmosfera.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Me Reflecting...

In my water issue essay including my outline, writing, feedback and grades. If I had to improve my essay even further the next time I write one, I would try to fix some of my in text citations, re-check for spelling mistakes and to further improve my content to try and push my grade to 7. This includes:

Explains the problem and the science of the problem _______________ .

clearly and in an interesting way with strong evidence of synthesis.

clearly and in an interesting way
______ the causes of the problem including the science involved in the causes of the problem.
Explains with strong evidence of analysis, synthesis and/or evaluation


_______ what people are doing to solve the problem.

Explains with strong evidence of analysis, synthesis and/or evaluation

_______ how nature acts to solve the problem.
Explains with strong evidence of analysis, synthesis and/or evaluation

________ the main ideas.


Outlines well

_________ other ways to solve the problem in the future.
Explains and discusses with strong evidence of analysis, synthesis and/or evaluation
Explains & Discusses

My peers believed that I did a great job and I only had to improve some word choice throughout the essay, but that was only the case in one or two words. I demonstrated perseverance through my essay because even though I had some downfalls I kept improving and editing my essay.

Monday, March 30, 2015

What will be the Replacement for Fossil Fuels and Natural Resources be in the near Future?

    What will people in Europe do if their fossil fuels and natural resources run out, and have to depend on other countries to provide them resources? This would be expensive for Europe since importing products instead of manufacturing them themselves is more expensive. These fossil fuels and natural recourses are food, water, natural gas, oil, coal, etc. This map illustrates the amount of oil left in our world, it's quite shocking.
     This is a pressing economic and political situation for governments. Energy and food are what make the economy grow. This problem would affect trade, and the international market, both categories heavily affecting a country growth. On the other hand, it will push the human race to use renewable resources more wich is healthy for our planet. In the end, a world without pollution (no fossil fuels) is pleasurable.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Meu Cidade

      Formas de transporte na minha cidade é o aviao, carro, metro e a bicicleta. O grande airoporto da Hollanda, Amsterdam, o schiphol. No schiphol, aspesoas de todo mundo chegam. Tembéem o carro é uma forma de transporte muito usados da Hollanda, é muito usada porque esses sao barato para quanitidade usada. O metro na Hollanda é muito usado por é muito usado porque essa forma de transportes é muito usado porque essa forma de transportes é muito barato è muito rapido. Tambéem essa forma de transport é facilmente assesivel. Finalmente a bicicleta é muito famosa, barata e muito forte. A bicileta é um veculo famoso porque muitas pesoas usam esse metodo de transporte. Porque os materias is sao muitos baratos. A bicicleta é muito barata pra construir o vecula. Finalmente a bicicleta é muito forte. A bicicleta é feita de metal, plastico, aluminio e borracha minha cidad, na Hollanda, tem muitas meios de transporte.

Qual cidade vocés moro?

Qual methodo de transporte a sua cidade?

Qual methodo de transporte e popular a sua cidade?

Quantos pesoas moro a sua cidade?
     Em aula a Português , nos terminar o projeto, "Meu Bairro." Esse projeto era sobre o meu bairro em Moema,73, Avenida Juriti. Meu aula tinha que ashar o supermercado, farmacia, estisiou de gasolina, restaurante, etc. perto do meu bairro é a rotina do meu casa a ecola graduada. O core values eu demonstra somos critical thing, é perseverance. Eu escoria esse core values porque eu demonstra critical thing quando meu presentacau porque eu sobre memorizar o texté. Seconda, eu demonstra risk taker porque eu disse meu favorito restaurante. Meu bairro e uma 10 do 10 porque meu bairro tem uma piscina é uma quadra de futebol é restaurante muito bom com Fifties, Si Senor é Americanas. Eu penso que por escrivé Português sur meu bairro é 4 do 10 porque e muitas difícil.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Does the Country you Live in Determine Wether you live long?

     The USA is a very rich and developed country accomplishing many great things through out its existence so why is it life expectancy so low? To start with, males are averaged 77.11 years, female 81.94 and an average of 79.56 years. These statistics are shockingly low for such industrialised country because the lifestyle of the citizens in the United States is very unhealthy. This has really taken affect raising heart disease, cancer and the chronic lower respiratory sickness and killing over 1,300,000 people annually claims the MNT Knowledge Center. If the citizens continue to contribute to over eating this death toll won't reduce nor stay the same, only rise, reports the Center for Retirement Research and it will even go as far as children growing up to be younger than their parents. But the United States won't give up on this conflict so easily. Right this instant many campaign are going on all determined to end obesity and unhealthy life styles. For instance, the End Obesity Campaign donating billions of dollars to create organisation determined to make children eat healthy and give them plenty of exercise. This not only happens in organisations but also at many school aim for the same goal.
     Next up we have the United Kingdom, it too is an industrialised and well developed country having set many goals and completed them. But they to don't have the highest of life expectancy, their average life expectancy is about 80.42, female 82.69 and male 78.42. The United Kingdom is a very successful country with a good government, economy, and infrastructure and if everything is so luxe why isn't their life expectancy sky high? Well the United Kingdom is facing a severe problem with CO² emissions, and as The Daily Mail explains, " In 2003, 1,582 deaths in the UK were attributed to the gas. The report predicts this will rise to around 2,391 deaths a year by 2020 as a result of increased pollution and climate change." IF this won't change soon the United Kingdom will surely suffer from ling cancer and other deadly disease relating to air pollution. And if that isn't enough climate change is jumping in too raising the climate and making the pollution even worse. But what can you do to stop this from happening? Well you could bike to school,go by bus instead of by car or even go as far as purchasing an electric car. If this stop the United Kingdom's life expectancy will improve and save many lives.
     Lastly we have Vietnam a bright and beautiful country in the south of Asia. Where tourists find peace and plenty in its beautiful view filled with lakes, jungles and mountains. But again life expectancy is low, significantly lower than the countries I mention before. First, the average life span of 72.91, male as 70.44 and female as 75.65 years. Well why is Vietnam suffering from such low life expectancy stats? The Vietnamese suffer from strokes, about 200,000 annually. Affecting 20% of its entire population. Why? The SIAGON has an answer, "The Vietnam Stroke Association said that stroke is common in middle-aged and elderly people. People with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, smokers have a higher risk for strokes." About 20 million people smoke in Vietnam, easily the primary source of strokes. But on the other hand Doctor San Jose declares, "Up to 50 percent of the participants quit in the first year," This is shocking and persistent statement that will hopefully make people stop smoking and reduce the risk of stroke!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

What is a Civilisation Without Government?

     What is the purpose of government? The purpose of government is to protect their citizens, to create rules and order, meet the basic needs of their people and to make important decisions. The government has to ensure the safety and protection of their citizens. They could do this by inheriting a police force to keep the people safe from harm or go even further and set up an army ready to fend off hostile forces. Also governments have to create laws and rules to keep their citizens happy. Through out the years many types of governments have been created and nobles, kings, and peasants were all part of that. In the end all their wishes were fulfilled and all their voice were heard. Without government people wouldn't know order or laws in their lifetime. After a government has installed rules and order they will need to meet the basic needs of the people. They can do this by suppling their folk with food, shelter, protection and jobs. They could do this through debating on food and job distribution or if they are going to build a curtain wall or an extra series of houses. If these basic needs are met the citizen will be happy and the chance of the government being overthrown will disappear. Lastly, a government has to rule over their land and people. In a time of war, the government might send soldiers through the land to protect small villages or towns. But the authority must also rule over their people. For instance, inheriting a work force hired to build a watch tower or market place to keep trade flowing. To sum up the purpose of government is to protect, create laws, and to rule.
     Does the government of "The Giver" meet all the government purposes? I think "The Giver's" government does meet all the governments purposes except one. Precisely, the fact that the authority doesn't provide a choice for their citizens. This is shown at various points in the book, such as, when Jonas tries to pick out clothes to wear through his day. We realise that his closet is filled with all the same coloured and shaped clothes. His parents, friends, and teacher all wear the same outfit! To add on, the entire community is identical "clothes" wise. This simple but visible thing impacts the freedom of choice dramatically in the society. Later in the book, Jonas goes to an assembly on his twelfth birthday and he picked for his job assignment. Notice that I mention, "picked" yes,  Jonas doesn't get to get to choose his job. He is "picked" by the government and so is everyone else. These reasons explain why this government has failed to meet all a governments purposes.  Other than that "The Giver's" government is very organised and powerful even though the do lack in certain categories.

Monday, February 23, 2015

An Egg Baby Parent

What I liked about being an egg baby was the fact that I felt responsible for my egg. I demonstrated this at home and in school. At home I let my egg watch a television show, got up at night to check if she was ok and place little toys in her basket to entertain her. While at school I liked the fact that everyone wanted to touch my egg and ask if he/she could be the eggs godfather, aunt or uncle. My family on the other hand had a great time with my egg asking if he/she could baby sit or decorate his basket.

Some activities/responsibilities that I found difficult while taking care of the egg was the fact that I had to be very attentive, and giving most of my attention the egg baby. Being attentive all the time was obligatory in my opinion. For instance, when I came home I had to protect my egg from other siblings to remove the fact that they might harm her. Giving my egg attention all the time wasn't easy either since I had to replace my free time entertaining, and making sure the egg was happy all day.

I believe that being a real teen parent is tiering, and mentally painful. Being a teen parent is a very tiering because, your ordinary life is already very busy, almost filling up your entire day, and fitting a baby in that schedule is impossible without removing activities such as school and sports. You have to give up subject such as after school sports, because while pregnant you can't play preform well because of the enlarge uterus. Neither can you spend time at school because you have to feed, protect, entertain, and help the baby all the time. Creating a great loss of education requiring her to full fill that gap in the future. An average woman already suffers a lot from having a baby, imagine a teen! Suffering from cramps, backaches, stomach aches, and pain, it isn't something a teen can't handle without a full grown body. It also will affect the teen mentally since parents, family and friends might be angry, frustrated or disappointed towards the teen. Overall a teen can't handle pregnancy.

A real baby would change my own teen life because I would have to wake up in the middle of the night to try and calm the baby and try to fulfil his or her wants. Or would need to buy new equipment for the baby to sleep in, sit in and play in. This would the affect the amounts of sleep I get and my budget.

If I had to choose one core value the represented what I learned about being a egg baby parent it would be inclusive. I say this because I am letting this tiny egg into my life interfering with the things I do and how I act towards others.

If had to choose a core value I could improve up on it would be risk taker. I thinks this core value fits because I need to take a risk and tell my friend that he can't touch my egg no matter what. This has happend a few times and one of the times a friend of mine acutely harmed my egg. Next time this is what I will try to improve upon. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cool or a Place for a Fool?

     While reading The Giver up to chapter 10 I realised that this community is equal, and organised but also very unaware of what's beyond their boundaries. Through out the book, there are many examples of equality, such as on page 50 through 58 when the children turn 12 and all receive a job no matter how advanced or lacking you are. Second, this society is very organised. For example on page 50 the entire community enters the auditorium and the now exactly where the are supposed to be seated since every one is given a identification number when they are born. "They were arranged by their original numbers P.50." The most obvious sign of the society being very organised is their daily routine. Starring on page 26 the book reveals a bit about the communities daily routine, "He didn't often do his volunteer hours with his friend because Asher frequently fooled around and made serious work a little difficult. But now, with Twelve coming so soon and the volunteer hours ending, it didn't seem to matter." I do believe that the government from the Giver are trying their best to protect their population by organising them and creating equality.
       Even though the society is very organised and equal the government does seem to be hiding what hides outside their comfort zone or any history of their ancestors. For instance, in the beginning of the book Jonas is reflecting on the situation he is going through that minute, "Frightened was the way he had felt a year ago when an unidentified aircraft had overflown the community twice  He had seen it both times...IMMEDIATELY, the rasping voice through the speakers had said. LEAVE YOUR BICYCLES WHERE THEY ARE... within minutes the speaker had crackled again , and the voice, reassuring now and less urgent , had explained that a Pilot-in-Training had misread the navigational instructions...NEEDLESS TO SAY, HE WILL BE RELEASED... there was an ironic to that <final message. P.1-2" This gives me the feeling that the government isn't honest or just doesn't know what this plane was doing or what its purpose was to frighten the community. Even though this event can't go unseen I can't blame the government for not telling the truth since they don't know anything about the world beyond their walls. The only one who might know would be, "The Receiver of Memory"The government doesn't just hide the real world from their people but also from themselves by not being honest and just "assuming" that their lives are perfect not wanting to know any thing about the outside world.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Meu Reflexão

What core values you believed you used to write your text; Core values I during the writing of my text were risk taker and perseverance. I demonstrated that I was risk taker because I didn't linger on sentences that I believe were incorrect. I also tried to persevere during my creation of my story because if I didn't it would have barely written one sentence.

In a range from 0 to 10 (being 0 the lowest and 10 the highest level of capacity) on autonomy to write a narrative in Portuguese, where do you believe you are? Why? I think I scored a three on overall scale of ten since I am not overly confident about the past tense.