Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Monday, December 8, 2014

How Could a Medieval Siege Weapon change Society?

     How can technology change the development of society? Well, technology affected society in both negative and positive ways. For instance, when the battering ram was invented it influenced defence, mining, and warfare, but most importantly the infrastructure of a city. Mainly by creating the outer wall which removed the vast amount of entries surrounding the city, and normally causing two head gates where pedestrians would enter and leave. This affected them because all the major industries were stationed next to the main road that led to the two gates. This made travellers, merchants and villagers more aware of their purchasable products in the city. This boosted their economy and led to more technology that helped their civilisation move forward.
                                                           Research Essay
After I wrote my essay and followed that by my graphic novel. My understanding of how society progresses improved. For instance, after reading other essay's based upon an impacting technology, I could see that they all interconnected. They all had positive effect on civilisation even though the weapon may be made to harm living things. This clearly showed in my essay since it was about a battering ram, (a medieval siege weapon) made to destroy fortifications and break lines of defence, actually helped economy grow inside a city or town. Overall after completing this assignment it taught me an important lesson.  


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