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Cool Background!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Third Post...

     Currently I am reading two books which are, Run Silent Run Deep and Wonder. A strategy I am using in class and during my reading is mostly for shadowing, exploring details of historical fiction and visualisation. One of the examples of for shadowing in the book Wonder was, when August was very nervous and almost didn't want to go to his three day school trip. Is saw this as a for shadowing because I knew that something bad was going to happen during his trip away from school. In the end, something bad did happen to August. Second, exploring details of historical fiction was big part of the book Run silent Run Deep because it was took place in World War 2 which made me observe main historical facts through out the book, such as, the S-16 a commonly used submarine in World War 2. Next, visualisation was occurring in both books, but the most visualising happened in wonder. This could be because Wonder is a easier vocabulary and a lower lexile level than Run Silent Run Deep. Even though there are some differences in both books a like them both just as much.
     At first I thought my goal was relatively easy, but now I see that it is pretty hard to keep up with. For instance, when I come home I have many situations to deal with, such as, sports, homework, and Dutch lessons. These circumstances affect the time I spend at home, equaling for only a small period of time left for reading before I go to bed. Even tough there are nasty circumstances to deal with I do my best to achieve my goal which is to read 40 mins evenly spread out over two languages, English and Dutch. A core value I am clearly demonstrating through out my reading goal is perseverance, because to achieve my goal every day requires this core value.

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  1. I think my I achieved my goal in this semester of readers workshop because I read at least once every day sometimes in my foreign language and sometimes in English. I achieved this because I read in bed right before I fell asleep and in the bus, meaning that I read at least twice a day. Even though my reader workshop is coming to an end, I will still continue my never-ending reading goal. I will do this by continuing my pattern of reading in the bus and right before I fall asleep.