Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Pythagorean Theorem

     Understanding relationships and establishing patterns will help us measure and define physical space. The Pythagorean theorem connects with our essential math system because this theorem is a very special theorem. It consists of A2+B2=C2, and accurate for each right triangle. 
Two math problems relevant to what I have learned this unit are:

A soccer field is a rectangle 90 meters wide and 120 meters long. The coach asks the players to run from one corner to the other diagonally across. What is the distance?

A fire truck parks 8 meters away from an apartment building. The fire truck extends its ladder 15 meters to the very top of the building. How tall is the apartment building?


  1. Rens,
    I really think you did a great job, one thing I noticed you could improve on is how you said A2+B2=C2.
    What you could have done is actually found a way to use the correct symbol. You should have also put in a more creative title, and more photos of funny things such as the one I have in my blog post. Other then that it was great, and I thought your problems were nice to solve !

  2. Nice sample problems. Perhaps your explanation could be a bit more thorough. How am I supposed to know how the squares relate to the sides of the triangle, for example?