Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Not a Trailer for a Movie but a Trailer for a Book!

     In readers workshop we worked on making a book trailer of our choice. The purpose of this project was to reflect and get a deeper understanding of the book. For example, when working on making the book trailer I made ​​quotes referring to the book. During the making of those quotes I wanted them to be deep and strong to make the spectator want to read my book. 
     After I saw all the book trailers from my class mates I got inspired in many ways. The project that affected me the most was Malin's. I say this because I though her book trailer really gave the environment a scary mood. She did this by making her pictures move by fast, black and white photos, gloomy background music and moving text.
     Before I started the production of my movie, I had to consider the following items: setting, characters, conflict, theme, and audience engagement. I did this by making my movie eye catchy, building up music in the background, having a dark state and a cool quotes to make the viewer want to read my recommended book.
If I would create a new book trailer but on the same book I would change a few things. For example, I would use the trailer feature in Imovie since it has more factors I could use to make a better trailer. For example, the moving words ability and the image cropping feature.
Overall I liked this project very much, because we experimented with the possible features in Imovie and we had to dig deeper into the book to find touching quotes and text.
A core value I demonstrated most during the making of my book trailer was curious. I believe this because when I started putting my project together I had many options that determent my outcome.

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  1. Rens, I am happy to hear that you enjoyed this project! I think that you were very clear in how you incorporated suspense into your trailer. You are right to say that there was a dark state or feeling to your work (literally and figuratively). I think you have made the recommendation catch the viewer's attention!