Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Have you Ever Heard of Color-Rama?

One way to analyse probability, is to count how many distinct possible outcomes there are in a situation.

  1. How many distinct possible outcomes can you count in Color-Rama?


There may be more than one way to get certain colors.
A helpful way to count all of the possibilities is to make a tree diagram.  

Use this tree diagram to calculate the probability of landing on each color in the game:

  1. Can you figure out the color for each outcome from this diagram?

  1. What is the probability of each of the four colors in the game?
3/7 Yellow
4/7 Purple
0/7 Green
0/7 Orange

  1. How could you change the rules to Color-Rama to make it a ‘fair game’ ?  (discuss or research what ‘fair game’ really means before you answer)
I think color-rama is already a fair game because one players has the same amount of probability as the other

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