Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

An Ancient Legend


     In the first quarter of humanities, we worked on making our own Greek comic strip. My spelling and grammar skills improved while making the comic strip because I could not make many mistakes since it had to be a professional Greek cartoon story. After finishing up the comic and receiving my grade,  I think the reason I excelled was because I had two drafts, which pointed out my mistakes, and so that gave me the ability to Improve. I have shown some growth during my project, for example, understanding the Greek myths and the Greek gods. I had shown improvement in the project because I had to study and understand the Greek gods and myths characteristics that they share. After finishing my assignment, there are skills that I need to strengthen, mainly spelling and punctuation. To improve and upgrade skill, I will go to after school humanities in D2 on Thursday. That way, I will get more practise individually.
     A core value clearly demonstrated during this was curiosity. I believe this because during the making of my story, there were so many story and myths that I came up with, and I had to go with my best work. This involved being curious since I had to make up a thoughtful and original story based on the criteria. Overall, I enjoyed my final project. 

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