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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How is my Reader's Workshop Goal Going?

Spoiler Alert!!      

                  I just finished reading Half Bad for the second time, and I think the sequel will be about Nathan's (the main character of the book) new gift. This gift will make him a true sorcerer. Meaning that in the sequel Sally Green will write about Nathan's new powers, because in the last book it talks about that and then ends with a cliff hanger. This is my prediction for her sequel Half Wild. Now I am reading Sir Thursday from the Nix garth series. I am enjoying this book a lot because it is different from the novels I read. Sir Thursday is a fantasy novel which is new to me and that is the big reason why I am enjoy it a lot. As I am reading Sir Thursday, I can see similarity between my old book and this book. For example, they are both fantasy but Half Bad is more to realistic fiction than Sir Thursday. Lastly both novels involve sorcery. Once I finish what will my next novel be?
                Overall my reading goal is going all right on the English side but not on my Dutch side. I also have trouble filling in my chart because of other assignments and I just over see my goal, but I am reading over 20 minutes per day now in English. Which is good because that is an improvement from before. I am scoring myself as a red box, for not reading at all, orange box, for reading only one language, and a green box, for reading in both my languages for over twenty minutes. If I had to give myself an overall score it would be and orange box. I think this reflection helped me to return to my goal. For example, after publishing it every time I go to my blog I will remember my reading goal and that I shouldn't forget to read.

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