Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Own Myth


            In my original myth comic strip. Some elements I included are gods, for example Zeus and his newborn son. But I also included titans, like the cyclops. Another element my Greek comic had was the gods and goddesses's home, mount Olympus. I also gave my Greek comic god weaponry, like zeus's thunderbolt. Another thing that is included is an explanation of how something happened, in my case why the earth is how it is. My story also has a moral which some Greek myths also posses.
My myth is also stands as a traditional myth because it explains to the Greeks that they have to worship the gods, if not they could make this sort of terrible thing happen.
            There are several reasons why my myth is original. One, my story is mostly about Pangaea and in the time of the Greeks, they didn't know about Pangaea and that makes my comic original. Second in the time of the Greeks the gods were worshipped at a really high level, and so they made very realistic sculptures and spent lots of time on they's artefacts for the gods. But when we look at my comic, Zeus is a cartoon and so that also proves that my myth is original in my way. Third and last, my myth is original because this is just a short story and compared to the Greeks, they wrote books and books about their gods.

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