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Cool Background!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Reading Goal

              In reader's workshop we are creating personal reading goals to improve are reading. After a few days editing my goal this is my final statement: "I will read at least 20 minutes or more per day, 6 days a week, This should be both english books and my second language, dutch. This goal will help me increase myself as a bilingual learner." I think this goal will impact me a lot because now I will make more time for reading which I normally don't always do and will certainly improve my reading skills in both languages. I think my plan for keeping track and not forgetting this goal is very efficient, I will make table, not including the date only the weeks, and colouring the box green meaning that I undertook my goal for that day. Red for if I didn't at all, and orange meaning I did not fully succeed but only about half. This table will be located in my drive and called Reading Goal Rens. It will also be starred so every time I enter my drive I will know not to forget to read.
              When doing this goal In will have strengths and struggles. Some strengths are that I can read in the bus which is enough to do at least half of my daily goal. Another strength is that I sometimes have free time during class, and so I could use that free time to read. But there are also struggles. The struggles don't come from my english reading though, mostly from my second language, Dutch. For example I have to manage my time and count my dutch reading as homework so that I will not forget or just not do. Because I know that sometimes I think video games or watching TV is better than my reading. Which it is not. Things I could do to stop these struggles are: reading first thing when I get home, then homework and after If their is time watch TV or spend time with my family. Also I could have a competition with one of my family members, so I will see my goal before me as more important because I want to win the competition against on of my family members.


  1. Rens,
    I think you have a good solution to your struggle, but a little suggestion from me is that maybe you could put a reminder on your phone so you don't forget to read. Alike you I'm also bilingual and would like to improve verbally so my goal is similar to yours but with different struggles.
    Good luck with your goal!

  2. I think that this is a very good goal and will help you. I also think that maybe you should read a book in Dutch, and then read it again in English and see if you understand it the same both ways.