Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Own Myth


            In my original myth comic strip. Some elements I included are gods, for example Zeus and his newborn son. But I also included titans, like the cyclops. Another element my Greek comic had was the gods and goddesses's home, mount Olympus. I also gave my Greek comic god weaponry, like zeus's thunderbolt. Another thing that is included is an explanation of how something happened, in my case why the earth is how it is. My story also has a moral which some Greek myths also posses.
My myth is also stands as a traditional myth because it explains to the Greeks that they have to worship the gods, if not they could make this sort of terrible thing happen.
            There are several reasons why my myth is original. One, my story is mostly about Pangaea and in the time of the Greeks, they didn't know about Pangaea and that makes my comic original. Second in the time of the Greeks the gods were worshipped at a really high level, and so they made very realistic sculptures and spent lots of time on they's artefacts for the gods. But when we look at my comic, Zeus is a cartoon and so that also proves that my myth is original in my way. Third and last, my myth is original because this is just a short story and compared to the Greeks, they wrote books and books about their gods.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Reading Goal

              In reader's workshop we are creating personal reading goals to improve are reading. After a few days editing my goal this is my final statement: "I will read at least 20 minutes or more per day, 6 days a week, This should be both english books and my second language, dutch. This goal will help me increase myself as a bilingual learner." I think this goal will impact me a lot because now I will make more time for reading which I normally don't always do and will certainly improve my reading skills in both languages. I think my plan for keeping track and not forgetting this goal is very efficient, I will make table, not including the date only the weeks, and colouring the box green meaning that I undertook my goal for that day. Red for if I didn't at all, and orange meaning I did not fully succeed but only about half. This table will be located in my drive and called Reading Goal Rens. It will also be starred so every time I enter my drive I will know not to forget to read.
              When doing this goal In will have strengths and struggles. Some strengths are that I can read in the bus which is enough to do at least half of my daily goal. Another strength is that I sometimes have free time during class, and so I could use that free time to read. But there are also struggles. The struggles don't come from my english reading though, mostly from my second language, Dutch. For example I have to manage my time and count my dutch reading as homework so that I will not forget or just not do. Because I know that sometimes I think video games or watching TV is better than my reading. Which it is not. Things I could do to stop these struggles are: reading first thing when I get home, then homework and after If their is time watch TV or spend time with my family. Also I could have a competition with one of my family members, so I will see my goal before me as more important because I want to win the competition against on of my family members.

Goals That Will Guide Me Through Seventh Grade

           My academic goal for this year is to try to get above a four in every single of my summative assignments. This will help me a lot and make me feel proud about what I have achieved in seventh grade and that I am improving as a student. To achieve and not forget about this goal I will remember and revise it in my head so, every time a summative assessment is assigned I will know that I have to get a four and above. But my personal goal is mainly about exercise. I would like to start of swimming twice a week and going into 3. My dad will help me track my goal because he swims with me. And when he goes I will go.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Every Myth is Different

My Greek trading card!

              The difference between main characters in Greek and non-Greek is fairly simple. In each Greek myth their is at least one god involved. Unlike the non-Greek myths where sometimes their is no god involved. In Greek myths their is always a lesson to be taught when in non-Greek myths their doesn't always have to be lesson. In Greek myths the main character is always a god or related to a god. Unlike in the non-Greek myth where the main character can be a person from a village, a knight, a witch or even a slave. In a Greek myth the beginning always starts with the narrator explaining in great detail how the god (main character) acts. For example in the story "Ares," "Ares, god of war, was tall and handsome but vain, and as cruel as his brother Hephaestus was kind." In the non-Greek myths that doesn't happen, for example, in the myth "A Witch in a Bottle," "You might have heard of a ship in a bottle - but have you ever heard of a witch in a bottle? This is the tale of one very troublesome witch." There are many differences between Greek myths and non-Greek but there are all just as good. 
               Is the reason each myth was written, the same? There are many reasons why people tell stories, myths, folktales and morals. Mostly for entertainment, showing their mistakes and tradition. And my opinion I think the myths are not written for the same purpose. Because when we look at the non- Greek myth the " How the Troll was Tricked." I got the impression that it was only written for entertainment and to scare people. Unlike the traditional Greek myths where there is always a lesson taught or a myth written to worship the gods. For example the Greek myth "Prometheus" it was purely about worshiping the gods and the consequences of not doing that.