Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Phone hacking for atention

            I found this article interesting because it was brief and informative. It was about hacking other peoples phones. Why do people want to know about their private business? Well for money. The journalist hacked other peoples phones, like celebrities, prime ministers and other important and popular people. Out of this act they could see their mail, socials network information and private business. Since these stories were hard to get, the journalists earn a lot of money from selling their stories to the media. It wasn't long after the hacking that they got caught and were sent to court and sentenced jail for 18 months.
            But during the hacking of the journalists, they also put staff under a lot pressure and threatened them to phone hack. The police understood the situation and did not take action on these innocent staff members. Overall I found that the article was a little boring because it was so long and had just few pictures and no videos. To improve their article I also think the should add some videos about phone hacking and some background information, because there are not many people who know and about phone hacking and how it works.

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  1. Rens that is really cool! I think you did a great job finding a good article. I was wondering about how stupid people can be. I guess this is my answer.