Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Amazon working with credit cards

             This article was about amazon putting a new product on the market. The credit card reader. Amazon originally is a company made to sell you things online. This was made to make customer payment easier.  But this "credit card reader," was not the first. 
             PayPal and square had their own too. Meaning that amazon has to do its best to fit in with the other companies and the market. Amazon does this in a very efficient way. When using the amazon tablet it will cost the purchasers 1.75 percent of the total transaction, a deal that will last until the end of 2015.  After that, purchasers are charged 2.5 percent, but that still is under the pay pals and squares transaction which is... Square charges customers 2.75 percent, and PayPal 2.7 percent. 
              I liked this article because it showed me how marketing works and how Amazon handles and takes on problems like these. Overall I found amazon's method very efficient. This article was fast and informative read. During the read the article presented me pictures and big cool statics that you don't see every day. Next time I would liked it to have a little more background around the topic. 

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