Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

USA loses with pride.

This article very clearly states that after the world cup match of Belgium against the USA, the USA did very well, and above many people’s expectations. For instance their coach, he claimed this “I think they all went above their limits”. After the match was finished the players we exhausted and dropped to the ground like dead mosquitoes. The article is also clearly stating that every single one of the players on the team played a lot better then average. This is true because when we look at Howards’s (goal keeper) saves, he had a total of 16. 
The most saves by a goalkeeper in the World Cup since 1966. I liked this article a lot because it described the match in great detail. For example showing pictures, videos and other fun things related to the topic. I think that the author that wrote this New York Times article went very deep. I say this because I think the author is really trying to tell me that it was more than a normal soccer match. But next time I would like them to make it a little shorter because at some parts it just started repeating stuff over and over again. But overall I liked the article.

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