Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Amazon working with credit cards

             This article was about amazon putting a new product on the market. The credit card reader. Amazon originally is a company made to sell you things online. This was made to make customer payment easier.  But this "credit card reader," was not the first. 
             PayPal and square had their own too. Meaning that amazon has to do its best to fit in with the other companies and the market. Amazon does this in a very efficient way. When using the amazon tablet it will cost the purchasers 1.75 percent of the total transaction, a deal that will last until the end of 2015.  After that, purchasers are charged 2.5 percent, but that still is under the pay pals and squares transaction which is... Square charges customers 2.75 percent, and PayPal 2.7 percent. 
              I liked this article because it showed me how marketing works and how Amazon handles and takes on problems like these. Overall I found amazon's method very efficient. This article was fast and informative read. During the read the article presented me pictures and big cool statics that you don't see every day. Next time I would liked it to have a little more background around the topic. 

Phone hacking for atention

            I found this article interesting because it was brief and informative. It was about hacking other peoples phones. Why do people want to know about their private business? Well for money. The journalist hacked other peoples phones, like celebrities, prime ministers and other important and popular people. Out of this act they could see their mail, socials network information and private business. Since these stories were hard to get, the journalists earn a lot of money from selling their stories to the media. It wasn't long after the hacking that they got caught and were sent to court and sentenced jail for 18 months.
            But during the hacking of the journalists, they also put staff under a lot pressure and threatened them to phone hack. The police understood the situation and did not take action on these innocent staff members. Overall I found that the article was a little boring because it was so long and had just few pictures and no videos. To improve their article I also think the should add some videos about phone hacking and some background information, because there are not many people who know and about phone hacking and how it works.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Robots are the future

        This article was about a new robot created by Apple incorporated. This robot is about three feet high in length and is used as the new staff. It can store a lot of valuables in its circular form, it will be used improve the room serves. On the front of the robot it has a touch screen. This touch screen shows the mood of the robot and what it is doing (where it came from). The touch screen also represent a away for people to communicate with the robot. For example it can ask you question like “Did I serve you well” or "Did you receive all your requirements?" Then you can select your answer or ask something more from the robot.
        The Aloft hotel, said that the robot “It’s not going to be a replacement for our human talent.”
That may be right but, these robots are a lot cheeper than hiring staff. Will this affect the jobs of people? I found this article very interesting because it kept on making me want to read more since it had video, pictures and interesting details about the robot. I hope there will be more information about the robot soon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

USA loses with pride.

This article very clearly states that after the world cup match of Belgium against the USA, the USA did very well, and above many people’s expectations. For instance their coach, he claimed this “I think they all went above their limits”. After the match was finished the players we exhausted and dropped to the ground like dead mosquitoes. The article is also clearly stating that every single one of the players on the team played a lot better then average. This is true because when we look at Howards’s (goal keeper) saves, he had a total of 16. 
The most saves by a goalkeeper in the World Cup since 1966. I liked this article a lot because it described the match in great detail. For example showing pictures, videos and other fun things related to the topic. I think that the author that wrote this New York Times article went very deep. I say this because I think the author is really trying to tell me that it was more than a normal soccer match. But next time I would like them to make it a little shorter because at some parts it just started repeating stuff over and over again. But overall I liked the article.