Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Let's get into this!

Sources (Pictures, online chart makers etc.):


  1. 1.I like the way you jump right into leading the watcher in a certain way by the title
    2.I like how it spent enough time so that it doesn't seem like its rushed but not very slow either
    3.I can tell instantly that your perspective was that we have way too much homework(which is true) but that you also were a student not a parent

    1. Misha, thx so much!!!! Man I was stressing out about the fact that it's to fast or my perspective is wrong, but after reading your comment I am finally left in peace.
      Thx again,

  2. Rens,
    Your title was very catchy, but I don't think it related to the data. Maybe try to connect the data with the title.
    The video was very engaging. You might want to make some parts longer, but overall, the data was represented in a good way.
    I agreed with the data, but I don't think you put the analysis in the video.