Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Theatre play

In our cyber bulling project last lesson. We had to act our play out with directors included. A director I think did a good job was Alessandra since she really strict which made our beginning really good. I think our play was pretty good since we showed what happens if you cyber bully and the consequences.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Theater in Education

How does TIE differ from a production in theatre?
It differs because In a normal theater play you work to entertain people. But in TIE you teach students things in a play instead of entertaining them.
How TIE different from children's theater and community theater?
TIE is different from children's theater and community theater because in TIE you teach children and professionals play the preformens.

Friday, May 2, 2014

My Lab 9 findings and observations

1. How did different types of microorganisms move?
Some microorganisms moved like snails others by doing some sort of walking movement using there tentacles.

2. What cell parts were you able to identify in the microorganisms?
I couldn't identify any cell parts. 
3. Were there similar characteristics among the different organisms?
No, because every microorganism had its own way of moving and eating.
4. What unique characteristics did you observe in the microorganisms?
I didn't observe any unique characteristics in the microorganisms.

5. There are many bacteria in the freshwater samples and you may or may not have observed them. They about 100 times smaller than the unicellular eukaryotes we observed in the water samples. How do you think the bacteria and the observed organisms are interacting?
Maybe scared since they a running all over the slide. 
6. How do these microorganisms compare to plants and animals?
Well these microorganisms compare to plants and animals because they live and so have cells. They compare to us because they function the same way we do. 
7. It may have not been evident in this lab, but all organisms are part of a food chain in this micro-environment. Describe any possible evidence of a food chain you observed, or describe a possible scenario of a food chain in that drop of water.
Well when I was observing the microorganisms I saw that bigger microorganisms ate smaller ones. This might be a micro food chain.