Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

How was my argumentative essay?

1) What is your artifact?

My artifact was the Three Gorges Dam.

2)  What is The Three Gorges Dam?  Why is it controversial?

The dam is controversial because it should have been built because it generates clean energy for 1/9 of China’s population and it creates more trade in China.
And the dam shouldn’t have been built because the raising reservoir took out 1300 archaeological sites, displaced 1.3 million people and is creating geological disasters like landslides and mudslides.

3)  What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is an essay representing your claim supported by evidence and analysis.

4)  What is your essay’s claim?

My claim is the Three Gorges Dam shouldn’t have been built

5)  What process did you go through to complete your essay?

The process I went through to write my essay was gathering evidence via articles and cites. Then developing my three body paragraphs and after that writing my introduction and conclusion and finally I made my final draft.

6)  What was one specific area where you demonstrated success?

Argumentative essay final draft, I think I improved in my body paragraphs. I think that they improved in ways like the structure, my analysis and my evidence.

7)  What was one challenge of writing the argumentative essay?

One challenge of writing the argumentative essay was to follow the order, the rules and add things like transitions to make your essay better.

8)  If you could rewrite this essay, what would you do differently?

If I had to rewrite my essay then I would make a stronger claim in my introduction.

9)  Comparing your argumentative essay for the common writing assessment last quarter to this one, where are some areas where you see growth?

I have seen a lot of areas of growth like my structure, evidence, analysis, conclusion and introduction.

10)  What core values does this relate to and why?

A core value that represents me in my argumentative essay is being a critical thinker. I say this because in my essay I think i have demonstrated my thinking.

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  1. Rens, I really like how you went out of your way to find evidence that interested you. You were one of only a handful of students who decided to explore how ancient sites were destroyed during the construction of the dam. You wrote a particularly convincing body paragraph for that argument.