Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Being a Critical-thinker

1)  Considering these artifacts, in which of the core values have you shown the most success?

Considering to all my artifacts I think I have shone most success in critical thinkers.

2) Thinking back to our first Student Led Conference, in which of the core values have you demonstrated the most progress or growth?  Why?
Thinking back to my first SLC i think I have made progress in the core value critical thinker because in all classes I must think well and in a different way. For example in math the metacognition project, science the science fair and humanities the argumentative essay.

3)  Which core value is most challenging for you?  Why?

I think a challenging core value for me is being balanced. I think this because at one point I think PE is really important and I focus myself on PE and less on other subjects like humanities, math and science.

4)  How has your thinking / performance changed since first semester?

I think my thinking/performance has changed because I have the feeling I have improved in many things, for example writing an essay and making a two-voice poem in humanities. But I also know how to make different graphs in math like, a stem and leaf plot or a line graph. In science I know different parts of a cell like the membrane or nucleus.

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  1. Rens, I'm really impressed that you recognized the connection between the metacognition project, the science fair and the argumentative essay. For all of these projects you had to evaluate information and decide how you would present what you learned. This is really impressive critical thinking!