Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Friday, March 28, 2014

PFL A reflection


Hoi! Meu nome é Rens.
Eu tenho 11 anos.
Eu moro em Sao paulo.
Eu sou Hollandais.
Eu gosto doces, jogos de vídeo e pizza.:)

In PFL A we learn a lot about portuguese vocabulary. Ms. Monti makes the class fun in hard times by adding in joyful things like games or leaving the classroom for a little break. Even though it is hard for me to work with 7th and 8th graders PFL A is still fun. I improved my learning in ways like now the grammer of "verbo futuro ir":
Eu vou
Você vai
Ele vai
Ela vai
A gente vai
Nós vamos
Vocês vao
Eles vão

Elas vão
During are PFL A classes we catch small portuguese words fast. Are last unit was dinheiro, money. The class did a big activity on it and learned what cheap and expensive is. Caro (expensive) and barato (cheap). 

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