Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Sunday, March 16, 2014


     Our society should fight inequality to avoid it. I think inequality is the theme of city of ember because in city of ember the mayor is very corrupt by stealing embers food, at first the people started a little protest not much but after Lina and Doon saw him in his storage room with an abundance of supplies that no body had except him. Lina and Doon fought the mayor by telling the people about his crimes and lies. Then Lina and Doon started fighting the inequality the mayor was giving by finding a way out of ember and spreading rumours about the mayor. In the hunger games there is a lot of inequality within the districts because of the capitols want of entertainment.  Katniss and Peeta fight it by both eating poisonous berries in the arena at the end the capitol stops them and tells them that there are 2 winners instead of one. In South Africa there was a lot of inequality and Nelson Mandela fought it by eliminating apartheid. So I think the city of ember is another protest against inequality.

     I used to think this was a fun book about a city on a world with no sun. Where two children called Lina and Doon tried to find and create a solution about how to fix the problem in there city. I thought is was just a dystopian novel. Now I think it is a book, with a theme of freedom and inequality. A protest to how are society rules. I think City of Ember for example is saying that Syria's president should work on fixing the inequality in the country.

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