Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Humanities Summary Question 6

6.  On page 260, the author of the journal writes, “They want us to forget everything about the lives we led and the places we’ve lived.  The babies must grow up with no knowledge of a world outside, so they feel no sorrow for what they have lost.”

Do you think think this was a wise idea?  What are the benefits of this strategy?  What are the disadvantages?

I think this was a wise idea to overcome what happend on top of the city "Bring no books no photographs. We have been told to say nothing ever again."(p.258) This quote demonstrates something bad happend on earth so the people are like refugees and are trying to overcome it by building this city underground and forgetting the outside world. The benefits of this strategy is that the people are safe for long time unnoticed. The disadvantages are that the people have no knowledge of the outside world and so they maybe scared and confused. "but then the father I went the darker it was,and you can't just keep walking into the dark can you?"(p.63)This is an example of someone getting confused and trying to escape. The people might think they got tortured by the builders.

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