Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Friday, March 28, 2014

PFL A reflection


Hoi! Meu nome é Rens.
Eu tenho 11 anos.
Eu moro em Sao paulo.
Eu sou Hollandais.
Eu gosto doces, jogos de vídeo e pizza.:)

In PFL A we learn a lot about portuguese vocabulary. Ms. Monti makes the class fun in hard times by adding in joyful things like games or leaving the classroom for a little break. Even though it is hard for me to work with 7th and 8th graders PFL A is still fun. I improved my learning in ways like now the grammer of "verbo futuro ir":
Eu vou
Você vai
Ele vai
Ela vai
A gente vai
Nós vamos
Vocês vao
Eles vão

Elas vão
During are PFL A classes we catch small portuguese words fast. Are last unit was dinheiro, money. The class did a big activity on it and learned what cheap and expensive is. Caro (expensive) and barato (cheap). 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Science, cells

This is what used to think cells were.

Elodea cell

Onion cell

Cheek cell 

This what it looked like under a microscope.

Elodea cell 100* with iodine

Cheek cell 100x with iodine

But now I think they look like this (here are some pictures I drew):

Elodea Cells without iodine 

Elodea with iodine

Cheek cells with iodine drawing.

Onion cells.

Every cell has a nucleus. A nucleus is the part of a cell you can see on the magnification of 4x under a microscope. If you look at my drawing and at the pictures of the microscope you can see big dark circles in each cell. the nucleus is like an identity of the cell. Cells also have membranes. Membranes are the part of cell that decides what goes in and out like oxygen, water and carbon dioxide. Iodine is a chemical that gives colour and makes the nucleus visible. Cloroplasts are unique in elodea cell. Cloroplasts server for photosynthesis.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


     Our society should fight inequality to avoid it. I think inequality is the theme of city of ember because in city of ember the mayor is very corrupt by stealing embers food, at first the people started a little protest not much but after Lina and Doon saw him in his storage room with an abundance of supplies that no body had except him. Lina and Doon fought the mayor by telling the people about his crimes and lies. Then Lina and Doon started fighting the inequality the mayor was giving by finding a way out of ember and spreading rumours about the mayor. In the hunger games there is a lot of inequality within the districts because of the capitols want of entertainment.  Katniss and Peeta fight it by both eating poisonous berries in the arena at the end the capitol stops them and tells them that there are 2 winners instead of one. In South Africa there was a lot of inequality and Nelson Mandela fought it by eliminating apartheid. So I think the city of ember is another protest against inequality.

     I used to think this was a fun book about a city on a world with no sun. Where two children called Lina and Doon tried to find and create a solution about how to fix the problem in there city. I thought is was just a dystopian novel. Now I think it is a book, with a theme of freedom and inequality. A protest to how are society rules. I think City of Ember for example is saying that Syria's president should work on fixing the inequality in the country.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Humanities Summary Question 6

6.  On page 260, the author of the journal writes, “They want us to forget everything about the lives we led and the places we’ve lived.  The babies must grow up with no knowledge of a world outside, so they feel no sorrow for what they have lost.”

Do you think think this was a wise idea?  What are the benefits of this strategy?  What are the disadvantages?

I think this was a wise idea to overcome what happend on top of the city "Bring no books no photographs. We have been told to say nothing ever again."(p.258) This quote demonstrates something bad happend on earth so the people are like refugees and are trying to overcome it by building this city underground and forgetting the outside world. The benefits of this strategy is that the people are safe for long time unnoticed. The disadvantages are that the people have no knowledge of the outside world and so they maybe scared and confused. "but then the father I went the darker it was,and you can't just keep walking into the dark can you?"(p.63)This is an example of someone getting confused and trying to escape. The people might think they got tortured by the builders.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Do plants Grow Gold?

Rens van Wingerden

What did I know about my topic in the beginning? 

I knew that plants used photosynthesis to produce oxygen for us by taking in carbo dioxide and at the same time producing glucose for them selves.

What did I want to find out? 

How many plants species there are.

How did I want to find out and how did I actually find out about my topic throughout the six-week time? *

I wanted a little better understanding of plants. I found out more about plants by resreaching and observing.

What have I learned about my topic? 

That there are more than 380,000 species and that scientist have made an estimate that there stil are more than 1.4 million species to be found where and that medicine comes from plant celles such as there roots, leaves, protective venom, and there flower.

What new questions do I have? 

How will plants react to different chemicals or other solids.

What actions will I take? (my plan for a future Science Fair topic or an independent investigation) 

Next science fair I will pick a partner instead of me alone.

What was the most enjoyable part of creating your science fair project (not counting the actual fair)? 

Painting the poster and decorating it.

What was the most difficult or frustrating part of your project? 

That I missed ten days because I restarted my project and that I worked alone.

Pick one project (other than your own) that you found interesting and/or impressive. Describe what you liked about it. 

Matthew glue project. Because he had so many different glues.

What problems/challenges did you run into this year as you worked on your project? What steps did you take to overcome these challenges? 

That I worked alone.

Thinking of your own project, what would you do differently next time? Address only those factors that you have control over (you don’t have control over getting sick or your mom going out of town, for example). 

Next time I would work with a partner.

While presenting your project, what do you think you did well? 

Being enthusiastic and presenting with pride.

While presenting your project, what do you think you could have done better? 

Inviting people to my project.

Did you work alone or in a group? Would you choose to do that again? Why or why not? *

I worked alone.I would not do that again because with a partner or in a group you can give people jobs and so not all the stress is on you but also on other people so everyone is equal.

Are you happy with the topic you chose? Would you chose to investigate it again in the future? Why or why not? *

I am happy with the topic. I would investigate it again because it is a simple topic.

Do you feel you were prepared enough to present you project to others at the science fair? Why or why not? *

Yes because I did everything needed.

Did you use the feedback that you were given electronically? If so, in what ways was it helpful? If not, why not? *

It was pretty helpful because you know if your actually doing a good job.