Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Claim

I think Doon is a person who sees things happening better than others and is wanting to fix them and being be the hero of ember.But everybody relies on mayor that he will fix the problem the problem of the generator and the supplies. But Doon already knows that he has none. But he also knows that the problem is a lot worse than the mayor said:

 " Not only were the lights about to fail and the supplies about to run out, but the water system is breaking down"(p.45)

I think  Doon is ready to fix the problem since he has the right knowledge over the city.

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  1. Rens, I can tell that you have a lot of thoughts about Doon. You mention that he is perceptive as well as interested in being a hero. When writing your claim, it's important to take a firm position on an idea. Thinking about why it's important for Doon to be a hero or how he is perceptive makes for a deeper and more interesting claim. This claim needs to be supported by specific evidence from the text as well as your analysis of how each example relates to the claim. Please see my model to gain a better understanding of how to structure and support your ideas.