Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Claim

I think Doon is a person who sees things happening better than others and is wanting to fix them and being be the hero of ember.But everybody relies on mayor that he will fix the problem the problem of the generator and the supplies. But Doon already knows that he has none. But he also knows that the problem is a lot worse than the mayor said:

 " Not only were the lights about to fail and the supplies about to run out, but the water system is breaking down"(p.45)

I think  Doon is ready to fix the problem since he has the right knowledge over the city.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Command Economy Reflection

I think my participation in the bake sale was good. My role was to stand behind the counter and sell drinks to people the other were supposed to advertise and sell food. We soled soft drink, a kind of brownies, and chips. We worked two behind counter and two to advertise but that did not work well so at one moment we were all behind the counter. In total we earned 36.50 real.
After the bake sale Mr.Z decided to share the money equally around the class like communist would,I felt really good. I felt really good because the amount of the money we got was less than the money mr.Z gave us so we made a profit. The benefits to this system is that almost everyone is happy because they get the same amount.

The disadvantages are that even if the people don't work significantly they stil get paid the same amount. I think this is why a lot countries moved away from communism.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Free Market Reflection

The challenge was a basic example of what other economic systems do to make a good, sell it, and make a profit. The steps we took of making are product where actually a cheap easy something to make but we made a mistake in the building of are good so we had to buy new resources. After we bought the new resources we made the good, some advertisements and sold are products. A free market system is good because you have a free will over your company the government does not have power over your company meaning you can give whatever price tag on a good you are selling. A free market economy is bad because the companies can develop something bad and the government does not notice. It could be improved so that the government has small control over the company not nothing.