Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Eulogy funeral of Nelson Mandela

1)  What does Obama think Mandela’s death should prompt people to do?

Open there minds to the helping responsibilities that they can do to help the globe. 

2)  What does Obama mean when he says, 
He means that when a country is fighting to cut the chain that links them to poverty and inequality they should not give up and just leave the chain linked to there country.
“We cannot allow our progress to cloud the fact that our work is not yet done?"
3) When Obama says, 
     “Young people around the world – you, too, can make his life’s work your own,” 
     What does he mean?  How did Obama do this?  How might you do this?
He means that people can learn from Nelson Mandela`s legacy (words, passing, coming). Obama did this by asking, begging the people that they can make a change too in the world with the help of his words
4)  What are some of the problems the world faces today?  
      What can young people do to solve them?
Some problems today are the chains that link country to poverty,war, inequality. Young people kan fix them by doing what Mandela did like protesting or talking peacefully to the president for change.  

3-2-1 Bridge: Mathematical thinking January 2014

3. Thoughts/ideas

1. I think mathematical thinking is thinking math when you are in a different environment than just the classroom.

2. I think mathematical thinking is different way of thinking.

3. I think mathematical thinking is something you need and everyone can do.


1.What is mathematical thinking specifically

2. Is mathematical something some math magicians don`t even now about.

1. Analogy

If you loose mathematical thinking, it is like losing a piece of your body.