Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Monday, December 8, 2014

How Could a Medieval Siege Weapon change Society?

     How can technology change the development of society? Well, technology affected society in both negative and positive ways. For instance, when the battering ram was invented it influenced defence, mining, and warfare, but most importantly the infrastructure of a city. Mainly by creating the outer wall which removed the vast amount of entries surrounding the city, and normally causing two head gates where pedestrians would enter and leave. This affected them because all the major industries were stationed next to the main road that led to the two gates. This made travellers, merchants and villagers more aware of their purchasable products in the city. This boosted their economy and led to more technology that helped their civilisation move forward.
                                                           Research Essay
After I wrote my essay and followed that by my graphic novel. My understanding of how society progresses improved. For instance, after reading other essay's based upon an impacting technology, I could see that they all interconnected. They all had positive effect on civilisation even though the weapon may be made to harm living things. This clearly showed in my essay since it was about a battering ram, (a medieval siege weapon) made to destroy fortifications and break lines of defence, actually helped economy grow inside a city or town. Overall after completing this assignment it taught me an important lesson.  


Science Summative Assessments Reflection

1) Investigation Report
After I finished completing my science Investigation report, my main improvement from last year's science was that my conclusion, hypothesis, and overall organisation. This clearly showed in the final grade.

   2) Unit Test Reflection  
After finishing my two assigned unit tests, there wasn't a major improvement since I received the same grade on both papers, but my overall understanding of the unit was clearly improved over the second test.  

3) Science Essay
The main improvement in this communication assignment was that I incorporated more quotes and statistics making my essay professional and more trustworthy.

4) Final Grade Prediction

After one semester of science, I have had quite a few summative assignments. If I had to give myself an overall grade on this it would probably be a six since all my grades, which are 5,5,5,5,6,6,6,6 and 7, I believe show an overall average of six. All my six's came from my two essay's that I wrote this semester, and based upon the fact that the essay is the most important assessment I do believe 6 is reasonable.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Meu Projeto

     The point of our presentations were to show our understanding of the imperative form. I wrote about Julius Ceaser in the imperative form. During the process of making my presentation I learned a lot about the imperative form and Julius Ceaser. I enjoyed making the presentation.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Pythagorean Theorem

     Understanding relationships and establishing patterns will help us measure and define physical space. The Pythagorean theorem connects with our essential math system because this theorem is a very special theorem. It consists of A2+B2=C2, and accurate for each right triangle. 
Two math problems relevant to what I have learned this unit are:

A soccer field is a rectangle 90 meters wide and 120 meters long. The coach asks the players to run from one corner to the other diagonally across. What is the distance?

A fire truck parks 8 meters away from an apartment building. The fire truck extends its ladder 15 meters to the very top of the building. How tall is the apartment building?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Third Post...

     Currently I am reading two books which are, Run Silent Run Deep and Wonder. A strategy I am using in class and during my reading is mostly for shadowing, exploring details of historical fiction and visualisation. One of the examples of for shadowing in the book Wonder was, when August was very nervous and almost didn't want to go to his three day school trip. Is saw this as a for shadowing because I knew that something bad was going to happen during his trip away from school. In the end, something bad did happen to August. Second, exploring details of historical fiction was big part of the book Run silent Run Deep because it was took place in World War 2 which made me observe main historical facts through out the book, such as, the S-16 a commonly used submarine in World War 2. Next, visualisation was occurring in both books, but the most visualising happened in wonder. This could be because Wonder is a easier vocabulary and a lower lexile level than Run Silent Run Deep. Even though there are some differences in both books a like them both just as much.
     At first I thought my goal was relatively easy, but now I see that it is pretty hard to keep up with. For instance, when I come home I have many situations to deal with, such as, sports, homework, and Dutch lessons. These circumstances affect the time I spend at home, equaling for only a small period of time left for reading before I go to bed. Even tough there are nasty circumstances to deal with I do my best to achieve my goal which is to read 40 mins evenly spread out over two languages, English and Dutch. A core value I am clearly demonstrating through out my reading goal is perseverance, because to achieve my goal every day requires this core value.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Unit 1 Humanities Reflection

     Why do enduring stories survive over time? Well to start of with not all stories survive over time. They have to meet certain circumstances to pass, the story has to include action, humour, and a lesson learned. The stories who do meet these circumstances get passed on from generation to generation by oral story telling. For example, a father learned a myth after dinning at a bar. The father has kids and passes it on to them including his wife. The kids grow up and pass it on to their kids etc etc, but don't forget that some details go missing, or have changed, after being passed for so many years. After our generation learned how to record information on hieroglyphs and on paper, stories didn't change as much since people saw the written information as the original information, but there are other authors that publish a book and give different details than others. Meaning that stories will always change even in the future. An example of this is when we did a small experiment, that lasted about a week, where we had to tell our story to a peer. The next day, that peer had to tell my story to another peer. In the end, my classmates retold the story to the class, and I realised that there were important details missing from the original article. This proves that stories change every time it is passed on and the stories that weren't interesting we forgot!
     To what extent is the history of ancient civilisations a story about progress? Ancients civilisation make progress and story telling is part of that. Story telling is part of the ancient civilisations making progress because story telling made, transportation, entertainment, and beliefs possible. I think story telling made transportation possible because when we look at many era's before, the time when civilisation didn't have paper and pencil yet, stories were told orally. The told stories weren't only told for entertainment but also to inform others, like kings, dukes and warlords. Those informative messages could be to brief them about dangers, upcoming threats, invitations, etc. Of course, you needed people to transmit those messages for you which created jobs. This still happens up to this day, for example, the mailman who gives us information and stories that are happening. In the end, story telling was a big part of causing transportation to occur. Second, story telling is the main root of entertainment and beliefs. Entertainment caused beliefs to happen in the world of men. Beliefs such as cursed woods, holy lakes and haunted castles, but it also generated peace when believed that a god would protect them. For example, when we look at Uruk in ancient Mesopotamia, it had a temple to worship their god, Anu. Thinking that they would be protect and safe while worshipping him. This caused evolution to happen in civilisations since they had to build armies to fight evil or build mighty palaces to worship gods. Overall, I think story telling is a important part of our evolution.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Reflection From my First Quarter

In which of the core values have you shown the most success? Why?
During the first quarter of seventh grade I think a core value I have shown the most is responsible. I say this because in many of my classes I have completed the homework assignments and projects. The class where I succeed the most in being responsible, was science, even though last year I struggle in this particular subject. I think I am responsible in this class because when the last essay was assigned I spent hours and hours on it, and shows that I was responsible. 
In which of the core values have you shown the most progress or growth? Why?   
A core value I have shown a lot of growth in is critical thinkers. I say this because in humanities our class had three greek and latin root test for us to fill in every week or so, and in that I demonstrated critical thinking because the test weren't easy and without using my critical thinkers skill I wouldn't have scored so high.
Which core value is most challenging for you? Why?
     The core value that I struggled with the most was inclusive. I believe this because when I went to PETAR (Our school trip) I always tried to choose my friends as group partners and that didn't really demonstrate me being inclusive. Same goes for circumstances in class. So the core value inclusive is the core value I have to improve on. 
In which class or academic area have you shown the most success? Why? 
The class or academic area I have shown the most success in is humanities. The reason why is because I have studied a lot for test and done my assigned homework the best I could and that led me to success. Another reason for my first quarter success is that I payed attention in class and instead of pretending I was listening or lying carelessly on my desk. This all resulted in a successful humanities quarter.
In which class or academic area have you shown the most progress or growth? Why? 
A class or academic area I have shown the most progress in was science. I have done this by spending more hours on homework, unlike last year where I didn't do my best in science which resulted in medium level grades and incomplete tasks.
Which class or academic area is the most challenging for you? Why?
lastly, the class or academic area that was most challenging for me was math. I believe this because I have always had trouble with math, but I try to improve in class and every homework assignment. I think the reason why I am not an expert at math is because it is very complicated for me. Meaning that I find it hard to understand the logic in math.

The Amazonian Rainforest Under Attack!

The Amazonian Rainforest Under Attack!

Amazon_Manaus_forest.jpg    The Amazonian rainforest, also called the Amazon, covers an area of about 6,000,000 sq km (2,300,000 sq miles), approximately 40 percent of Brazil’s total land! It is also home to 30 million locals that depend on its resources and services,and can you believe that this beautiful landscape that is admired by many is being cut down at the rate of 50 football fields a minute! In the year 2013, deforestation in the Amazonian rainforest increased by 29%, causing 6,000 sq km (2,315 sq miles) of forest to be cut down. The biggest amount of deforestation that happened in the state of Para and Mato Grosso, Brazil’s largest agricultural states. Over 1000 sq km were cut down in each state.   
There are several reasons why the Amazon is being cut down. Some contribute large-scale family farming by farmers who cut down trees for farm lands which is used to produce crops for their families and to sell in the local market. Also, illegal logging but that rarely is a direct cause to deforestation. The major factor is construction. Together over 750,000 sq km (289,000 sq miles) of Amazonian rainforest have been cleared the past 3 years, in places such as Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, and French Guiana.  This essay will inform you about the consequences when these rainforests disappear because of these reasons.
    First of all, trees play a key role in reducing the level of pollution in the air. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a gas emitted from both natural and human places. Over the last 150 years, humans have been producing massive amounts of CO2 by burning fossil fuels such as, coal, oil and natural gas. This is what causes global warming and climate change.On the contrary, plants remove CO2 from the atmosphere and absorb it in a process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis takes in CO2  and lets out oxygen, which is released back into the atmosphere, meaning that the Amazonian rainforest is the only community that can stop global warming.
    Second, the Amazon is also very important to us because the natural root of medicine comes from insects, plants and other organisms that live in the Amazonian Rainforest. These medicines that are based on the resources in the Amazon can have cures for headaches, snakebites, and even cancer! It’s proven by the WWF that 75% of the worlds medicine comes from plants in tropical rainforests such as the Amazon.
    The Amazonian rainforest also plays a big role in the water cycle. For instance, it adds water into the atmosphere. All the rainforests together provide us 60% of all the freshwater on Earth! It does this through a sequence called transpiration (where plants release their moisture during the process of photosynthesis). The moisture eventually transforms into rainclouds which will rain back down again and so on. The water cycle in the Amazonian rainforest is interrupted because it is being cut down and so there have been many severe droughts that have affected the amount of rainfall, even in places like Europe and America. This affects their crops, meaning that the Amazonian rainforest is important to everyone in many different ways.
     Another major factor to blame for disappearing rainforest is construction. For instance, the Brazilian government is building the third largest hydroelectric dam on the Xingu river which is located in the north of brazil and reaches 2000 km in length. The dam is now half finished and proven by AMAZON WATCH that it will divert eighty percent of the rivers current flow. Which affects the animals because their need of immigration will be declined since the dam is in their way. It will also cause the displacement of 40,000 people since their homes will be flooded because of the constantly rising water level.          
    For these severe and dangerous problems there are solutions. Around the world there are many organizations trying to help. For example, the Nature Conservancy (an organization ran to protect the threatened environments) are encouraging farmers and ranchers to go against Brazil's Forest Code and protect the Amazon and it’s beauty. Lately they made a great move and removed one of the top deforestation location, Paragominas. They did this by convincing the the farmers and ranchers about how much damage they were actually dealing to the Amazon which would eventually also affect the world. The organization is also trying to strengthen the indigenous people to protect their lands and water against intruders (For example, illegal loggers).
    Another very important solution is to help the Amazon reproduce. For example, the Conservancy is working on this project. Their goal is  to establish forest projects that will plant millions of trees in the deforested parts of the Amazon. They target to cover an area twice the size of Portugal and they will do this with the help of landowners, government officials, businesses and indigenous communities. It is estimated to reduce approximately 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide after the project has been launched. This is as much carbon dioxide 80 million U.S. homes use in one year! These programs may help to prevent or lessen deforestation in the coming years.
    Other initiatives focus on other regions of the Amazon: northwestern Mato Grosso state and São Felix do Xingu, the region with the second highest rate of deforestation in Brazil. These organisations purposely attack this massive problem by educating the locals about this danger of logging.
  Aside to all the actions to save the Amazon, replanting trees and caring institutions,  the Amazon is miraculously fighting back against illegal loggers, family farmers and construction.  Greg Asner head of the Washington-based Carnegie Institution claimed that about 350,000 sq km (135,000 sq miles) of trees that were cut down are growing back at a rapid pace. Other ways to prevent this problem in the future

would be to make logging laws more strict. This will result in more obeying residents and a stunning Amazonian rainforest. Equaling to clean water and fresh air.  

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  After I finished writing my essay I was very satisfied of my work. I say this because I 
spend many hours, and during those hours I learned thins about writing such as grammar and spelling, but I also opened my eyes my eyes to problems that are going on in the world. A core value that I used most during the process of my piece of writing was perseverance. I say this because I think I really tryded hard and kept on going even though it was hard.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Not a Trailer for a Movie but a Trailer for a Book!

     In readers workshop we worked on making a book trailer of our choice. The purpose of this project was to reflect and get a deeper understanding of the book. For example, when working on making the book trailer I made ​​quotes referring to the book. During the making of those quotes I wanted them to be deep and strong to make the spectator want to read my book. 
     After I saw all the book trailers from my class mates I got inspired in many ways. The project that affected me the most was Malin's. I say this because I though her book trailer really gave the environment a scary mood. She did this by making her pictures move by fast, black and white photos, gloomy background music and moving text.
     Before I started the production of my movie, I had to consider the following items: setting, characters, conflict, theme, and audience engagement. I did this by making my movie eye catchy, building up music in the background, having a dark state and a cool quotes to make the viewer want to read my recommended book.
If I would create a new book trailer but on the same book I would change a few things. For example, I would use the trailer feature in Imovie since it has more factors I could use to make a better trailer. For example, the moving words ability and the image cropping feature.
Overall I liked this project very much, because we experimented with the possible features in Imovie and we had to dig deeper into the book to find touching quotes and text.
A core value I demonstrated most during the making of my book trailer was curious. I believe this because when I started putting my project together I had many options that determent my outcome.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Have you Ever Heard of Color-Rama?

One way to analyse probability, is to count how many distinct possible outcomes there are in a situation.

  1. How many distinct possible outcomes can you count in Color-Rama?


There may be more than one way to get certain colors.
A helpful way to count all of the possibilities is to make a tree diagram.  

Use this tree diagram to calculate the probability of landing on each color in the game:

  1. Can you figure out the color for each outcome from this diagram?

  1. What is the probability of each of the four colors in the game?
3/7 Yellow
4/7 Purple
0/7 Green
0/7 Orange

  1. How could you change the rules to Color-Rama to make it a ‘fair game’ ?  (discuss or research what ‘fair game’ really means before you answer)
I think color-rama is already a fair game because one players has the same amount of probability as the other

Friday, October 3, 2014

What Does it Take to be a Hero?

     Gilgamesh is an epic hero because he is strong, wise, thoughtful and selfless. He demonstrates that he is strong when he slays the bull of heaven and Huwana the demon from the underworld. Gilgamesh is also very wise because at the end of the book he realises how important life is, and stops sending boys to war as a result. Most importantly he gets a wife and a child. Lastly I think Gilgamesh is selfless, because in his quest he finds a plant with magical powers that changes a person from old to young, and instead of eating it himself he is wanting to give it to the old people in Uruk. He wanted to do this because he though it was important to have young people with the intelligence of an old person.

     Gilgamesh shows many things about his ancient cultural values, which are worshiping gods, the want for power and fame, and the value for peace. In the book, Gilgamesh worships the gods many times. For example, while preparing for his quest to kill Huwana he sacrificed water to the sun and asking his help in return. The people of Uruk including Gilgamesh all value power and fame. For instance, after Enkidu dies, Gilgamesh goes mad about trying to find immortality. So he can live for ever and rule Uruk and be the most powerful king on earth. Lastly, Gilgamesh and his residents all value peace. In the book Gilgamesh finally comes back from his quest, unsuccessful, but even though that was the case he grew wiser and valued piece as never before. In the book the resident of Uruk also liked the peaceful king because they said “He has changed! How he has changed!”(p.93) 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

An Ancient Legend


     In the first quarter of humanities, we worked on making our own Greek comic strip. My spelling and grammar skills improved while making the comic strip because I could not make many mistakes since it had to be a professional Greek cartoon story. After finishing up the comic and receiving my grade,  I think the reason I excelled was because I had two drafts, which pointed out my mistakes, and so that gave me the ability to Improve. I have shown some growth during my project, for example, understanding the Greek myths and the Greek gods. I had shown improvement in the project because I had to study and understand the Greek gods and myths characteristics that they share. After finishing my assignment, there are skills that I need to strengthen, mainly spelling and punctuation. To improve and upgrade skill, I will go to after school humanities in D2 on Thursday. That way, I will get more practise individually.
     A core value clearly demonstrated during this was curiosity. I believe this because during the making of my story, there were so many story and myths that I came up with, and I had to go with my best work. This involved being curious since I had to make up a thoughtful and original story based on the criteria. Overall, I enjoyed my final project. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Uma Cidade Brasileira

In this project I write about my city, Hilversum. Problems of this project was that we had very little time to do the project. During the project I learned a lot about the Portuguese writing in general. I think we showed some use of my understanding português.Um fundamental value that I demonstrated was curious because I had to know more about my city. After this project I want to learn more, it is the city where I was born and I feel that 
 should know at least a little about it.

Badminton Reflection

     In this quarter of PE we played Badminton as our unit. In badminton you have to hit a shuttle to the other side of the court with a racket. It can be played one against one or two against two. It is also very important to shoot the shuttle in the boundaries otherwise it is considered "out." In PE class we did tournaments and practises with different people. This made us interact more with other people. I liked Badminton a lot and I will continue practising at home.  Some struggles I had during the Badminton unit was facing my loss, but the badminton made me maintain my loss and not get angry when losing. Overall a core value I tink I demonstrated was perseverance. I did this a lot because I kept on trying my best and to just keep on improving even though I was losing some matches.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


     After we returned from PETAR on Friday, we worked and presented our projects. The essential question we had to build around was, "How do changing system impact relationships overtime." What intrigued me the most about this matter was that it made you think deeper about the situation which eventually gave you a better understanding of the topic.
     What I enjoyed the most when creating my project was the fact that you had the possibility of choosing how you wanted to make your project, which brought up many creative presentations. 
     I didn't think there was to much of a challenge because we could work in partners and that made the work much easier.
     Some core values I demonstrated during the trip and during the project were: risk taker, and curious. I think I was I risk taker during the trip because entering, "Agua Suja," it took some risk to enter the ice cold water. During the project I thought I was more curious because I discovered more about the PETAR community after writing about them and dove deeper into the clause, and how that is the same in many other places in the world.
      There are many ways Sao paulo and PETAR are different, some contribute to: Environment and society. The environment is a lot more peaceful in PETAR, because it is greener and there are no cars and planes that come zooming by every thirty seconds. Sao Paulo's society is different from PETAR, because Sao Paulo is a business city with companies and expensive equipment. In contrary, PETAR are still using the legal and traditional methods of hunting. To add on to that they still construct there houses out of mud. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How is my Reader's Workshop Goal Going?

Spoiler Alert!!      

                  I just finished reading Half Bad for the second time, and I think the sequel will be about Nathan's (the main character of the book) new gift. This gift will make him a true sorcerer. Meaning that in the sequel Sally Green will write about Nathan's new powers, because in the last book it talks about that and then ends with a cliff hanger. This is my prediction for her sequel Half Wild. Now I am reading Sir Thursday from the Nix garth series. I am enjoying this book a lot because it is different from the novels I read. Sir Thursday is a fantasy novel which is new to me and that is the big reason why I am enjoy it a lot. As I am reading Sir Thursday, I can see similarity between my old book and this book. For example, they are both fantasy but Half Bad is more to realistic fiction than Sir Thursday. Lastly both novels involve sorcery. Once I finish what will my next novel be?
                Overall my reading goal is going all right on the English side but not on my Dutch side. I also have trouble filling in my chart because of other assignments and I just over see my goal, but I am reading over 20 minutes per day now in English. Which is good because that is an improvement from before. I am scoring myself as a red box, for not reading at all, orange box, for reading only one language, and a green box, for reading in both my languages for over twenty minutes. If I had to give myself an overall score it would be and orange box. I think this reflection helped me to return to my goal. For example, after publishing it every time I go to my blog I will remember my reading goal and that I shouldn't forget to read.

source source

Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Own Myth


            In my original myth comic strip. Some elements I included are gods, for example Zeus and his newborn son. But I also included titans, like the cyclops. Another element my Greek comic had was the gods and goddesses's home, mount Olympus. I also gave my Greek comic god weaponry, like zeus's thunderbolt. Another thing that is included is an explanation of how something happened, in my case why the earth is how it is. My story also has a moral which some Greek myths also posses.
My myth is also stands as a traditional myth because it explains to the Greeks that they have to worship the gods, if not they could make this sort of terrible thing happen.
            There are several reasons why my myth is original. One, my story is mostly about Pangaea and in the time of the Greeks, they didn't know about Pangaea and that makes my comic original. Second in the time of the Greeks the gods were worshipped at a really high level, and so they made very realistic sculptures and spent lots of time on they's artefacts for the gods. But when we look at my comic, Zeus is a cartoon and so that also proves that my myth is original in my way. Third and last, my myth is original because this is just a short story and compared to the Greeks, they wrote books and books about their gods.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Reading Goal

              In reader's workshop we are creating personal reading goals to improve are reading. After a few days editing my goal this is my final statement: "I will read at least 20 minutes or more per day, 6 days a week, This should be both english books and my second language, dutch. This goal will help me increase myself as a bilingual learner." I think this goal will impact me a lot because now I will make more time for reading which I normally don't always do and will certainly improve my reading skills in both languages. I think my plan for keeping track and not forgetting this goal is very efficient, I will make table, not including the date only the weeks, and colouring the box green meaning that I undertook my goal for that day. Red for if I didn't at all, and orange meaning I did not fully succeed but only about half. This table will be located in my drive and called Reading Goal Rens. It will also be starred so every time I enter my drive I will know not to forget to read.
              When doing this goal In will have strengths and struggles. Some strengths are that I can read in the bus which is enough to do at least half of my daily goal. Another strength is that I sometimes have free time during class, and so I could use that free time to read. But there are also struggles. The struggles don't come from my english reading though, mostly from my second language, Dutch. For example I have to manage my time and count my dutch reading as homework so that I will not forget or just not do. Because I know that sometimes I think video games or watching TV is better than my reading. Which it is not. Things I could do to stop these struggles are: reading first thing when I get home, then homework and after If their is time watch TV or spend time with my family. Also I could have a competition with one of my family members, so I will see my goal before me as more important because I want to win the competition against on of my family members.

Goals That Will Guide Me Through Seventh Grade

           My academic goal for this year is to try to get above a four in every single of my summative assignments. This will help me a lot and make me feel proud about what I have achieved in seventh grade and that I am improving as a student. To achieve and not forget about this goal I will remember and revise it in my head so, every time a summative assessment is assigned I will know that I have to get a four and above. But my personal goal is mainly about exercise. I would like to start of swimming twice a week and going into 3. My dad will help me track my goal because he swims with me. And when he goes I will go.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Every Myth is Different

My Greek trading card!

              The difference between main characters in Greek and non-Greek is fairly simple. In each Greek myth their is at least one god involved. Unlike the non-Greek myths where sometimes their is no god involved. In Greek myths their is always a lesson to be taught when in non-Greek myths their doesn't always have to be lesson. In Greek myths the main character is always a god or related to a god. Unlike in the non-Greek myth where the main character can be a person from a village, a knight, a witch or even a slave. In a Greek myth the beginning always starts with the narrator explaining in great detail how the god (main character) acts. For example in the story "Ares," "Ares, god of war, was tall and handsome but vain, and as cruel as his brother Hephaestus was kind." In the non-Greek myths that doesn't happen, for example, in the myth "A Witch in a Bottle," "You might have heard of a ship in a bottle - but have you ever heard of a witch in a bottle? This is the tale of one very troublesome witch." There are many differences between Greek myths and non-Greek but there are all just as good. 
               Is the reason each myth was written, the same? There are many reasons why people tell stories, myths, folktales and morals. Mostly for entertainment, showing their mistakes and tradition. And my opinion I think the myths are not written for the same purpose. Because when we look at the non- Greek myth the " How the Troll was Tricked." I got the impression that it was only written for entertainment and to scare people. Unlike the traditional Greek myths where there is always a lesson taught or a myth written to worship the gods. For example the Greek myth "Prometheus" it was purely about worshiping the gods and the consequences of not doing that.