Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Friday, November 8, 2013

My Animation Story!!!!!

Animation story

 Made by Toribio
Another day the Arleun government was working in front of there boring screens, but this time there was something unusual. The people of Arleun were really nice and friendly there were no crimes or bad things on the internet and so the workers of the government pulled a weird face and dicided to click on the link. A terible thing happend!!The whole government house blew up! The people of Arleun already new who put the link on the internet, they were the blue bandits.

They were blind with hatred and war began. The blue bandits had a huge advantage because of a new invention the tank! It shot Blue Fire! Was as heavy as iron ball and it was controlled by the blue bandits it blew up Arleuns loyal soldiers up in less than a wink but we were not finished we dropped a bomb on the tank and destroyed it! The government of Arleun were sad and had to rebuild tonnes of there empire but they were still really happy war was over.  

Made by Rafael
 After war the people of Arleun were really joyfull, There was a new sport invented called surfing. It was like gliding on water!

 Made by Pedro
And after the heavy sport of surfing they ate a golden fried egg where its flavor stayed in your mouth for a life time. The people of Arleun lived happily ever after.
  By Rens van Wingerden

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  1. @Rens
    Great short story. I liked how you connected the seemingly unrelated animation images to a very creative story.
    Please add the proper citation to each image with a link to the original creator and blog post. :)