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Cool Background!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Humanities Two voice poem-reflection

I was able to include textual evidence because I used quotes from the book to support my theme, I was also using the quotes to compare to my life and to compare to Tirio life.My good writing traits are voice and ideas. My writing traits helped me with writing my poem. My writing traits I am working on are on my word choice and sentence fluency.In the poem I could compare and contrast a lot to my life, like when I said for Tirio: water is life and for Me: knowledge is life.I think I was able to show not tell because I used a lot of similes and metaphors even personification. My poem theme was ethnicity I showed It by describing Tirio and my environment in many different ways like Tirio: the amazon feeds us and Me: school feeds us.Revising improved my writing because I kept on spotting mistakes and re-writing stuff. I think revising is very important for getting a better grade.I think one thing i can do improve my writing is make my write a bit longer and add more textual evidence.

Two-voice poem

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