Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Humanities-Literature circle discussion

I think it was good text-based discussion because every statement we said, was referring to the book. What I think my group did well was that they all had a chance to talk, and the kept the conversation from breaking apart. They were also really text-based because all of them at least two quotes referring to the book. I think my group still has to work on is taking more notes and giving more body language. I said this because I think at some points people from my group were forgetting to sit up so that gives me a sign of no body language. I think to improve they also have to take more notes because during the conversation there was not too much notes getting written down.I prepared my literature discussion by, for every question we had I put sticky notes in my book so when we started the conversation I was always prepared to use textual evidence. What I also did to prepare that I always take clipboard, pencil and eraser with me so I can record notes.I think I supported my claims in the discussion by giving a lot of textual evidence from the book so I have proof.The other group members felt included because everyone shared the floor. We also made the other group members included by asking them to join the conversation or ask them questions where they have to answer.By answering and asking questions it deepened my understanding but not just on the question but also understand the boo better. It helped me deepened my understanding because all the group members gave textual-evidence from the book so they proved it was true.

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