Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Humanities analysis-chapter 8 
On page 140, Luka makes up a story for Sulali about how paho died.  She explains that the Punhana told Karara, “‘You must find him...As the oldest, it is your job to bring the (orphan) boy home.  When I leave, you should go and look for him.  I will take care of your father’s spirit. I will set it free.’”  Thinking about Paho’s funeral and the following chapter, what similarities are you seeing between the story and with what is actually happening?  What connections can you make? I can see connections like in the story that Luka made it sais "but where is the boy"p.140 this gives me that the boy is Tirio. I see a second similarity when it sais "father would have made a promise and die"p.140 this tells me that Luka paho does die but makes Luka be born. The third similarity is "he has fulfilled his purpose" I got the idea that is true because Lukas paho couldn't do anything more to help so I get feeling that that connects.

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