Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Analysis for Humanities

Analysis for Humanities

Do you think Tirio is more Takunami or American? Do you think Tirio will want to stay with the Takunami or go to America with Sara.

I think he is Takunami but now has changed sides because when his maha sent him away on page 1 he is angry and thinks he is betrayded and does not see the love and care for him in the tribe anymore and especially thinks his paho is wrong to send him away, But on page 35 It sais" I cant leave Sara" In this sentence he sure and does not want to leave Sara so I think he only wants to go back to the Takunami tribe to prove the tribe wrong and then leave and go back to live with Sara.

Friday, September 6, 2013

How to Customize Your Blog!

How to Customize your blog!

Hello guys here is a short tutorial to understand your blog! Maybe it will make your blog better than mine, if not it will certainly help you! So check it out!
If you want to know more videos with the same creator go to
Thx! have fun!
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