Cool Background!

Cool Background!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

November reflection

What I have learned about myself is that I am bad at taking risks during tests and identifying in a problem if I need to use division, multiplication, addition or subtraction. The areas I identify as a strength is when on scrap paper I like to experiment stuff because I am not scared.  But on a test I don’t try those things out. Another strength is I am good at making pictures that make the problem easier for me. What I would like to work on is to improve the knowledge of my decimals which include how to divide them, multiply with fractions and whole numbers, and add and subtract them.

Step up to the stage final reflection

Step up to the stage final reflection

1)  What are the qualities of creating a strong presentation?  (Content and Preparation)
Using skills like an attention getter,thesis,main points and a conclusion.2

2)  What are the qualities of delivering a strong presentation?  (Delivery)
Be enthusiastic, use images as props and try to use body languge  

3)  What did you feel was one strength of your informative speech?
That I am not scared to present.

4)  What was one area you feel you still could improve upon?
That I can make my presentation longer.

5)  What would you do differently the next time you have to present before an audience?
Present without notes.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Science slime reflection

Science slime reflection

In slime there are big strings of molecules called polymers. Polymers are string of molecules with a larger mass. 

Some examples of objects which contain polymers in your house are: 

In science class we did experiments and we tried different recipes to make slime. One methode was the best it was number 4. I fixed the other ones by adding more glue depending on the ratio of borax added before.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Movie project in mediabasics

For the in the filming we used green screen and music made in garageband. Are groups had different jobs amanda was the one who did the blogging and she made the poster. Rens and Toribio worked on all the technical stuff like working out how to use the green screen in imovie and we also did the filming. The collaboration in are team was bad in the beginning but then we started collaborating and it worked out really well. Also the tech person was absent in are most important lessons,so we could not do anything because we did not have the knowledge of the computer enough. What I learned from this was how to make the green screen affect in imovie, it was by dragging the green screen video under the picture you want. Are group worked a lot at home so we did not stay behind.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hi guys! Today I made music using garageband in media basics.It was great fun!
With the music I added a story.
Once up on a time a man was in a really sad village everybody was cold and sad. They didn`t accept a soul when asked to enter the house or if asked to go to supermarket all because a generator that sucked up all the kindness and happiness out of them to the tip of there toe. But there was one man that kood resist he was called Will. So one day he was sick of it and faced the black guards that guarded the generator. When he went to the generator he play music from all over the world, happy music, and then the black guards turned to dust and the generator broke and the people lived happily ever after.

Monday, November 11, 2013



Powerless by Mathew Cody is about a boy called Daniel who moves to a little village called noble green. He makes many new friends but they are not ordinary friends;They have super powers. After a lot of explanation how a life of super is; they find out there is an evil monster,the shroud,he is strong, he thrashes and terrorises the supers. Together with effort and team work they try to defeat him and realise who he acutely is.

Friday, November 8, 2013

My Animation Story!!!!!

Animation story

 Made by Toribio
Another day the Arleun government was working in front of there boring screens, but this time there was something unusual. The people of Arleun were really nice and friendly there were no crimes or bad things on the internet and so the workers of the government pulled a weird face and dicided to click on the link. A terible thing happend!!The whole government house blew up! The people of Arleun already new who put the link on the internet, they were the blue bandits.

They were blind with hatred and war began. The blue bandits had a huge advantage because of a new invention the tank! It shot Blue Fire! Was as heavy as iron ball and it was controlled by the blue bandits it blew up Arleuns loyal soldiers up in less than a wink but we were not finished we dropped a bomb on the tank and destroyed it! The government of Arleun were sad and had to rebuild tonnes of there empire but they were still really happy war was over.  

Made by Rafael
 After war the people of Arleun were really joyfull, There was a new sport invented called surfing. It was like gliding on water!

 Made by Pedro
And after the heavy sport of surfing they ate a golden fried egg where its flavor stayed in your mouth for a life time. The people of Arleun lived happily ever after.
  By Rens van Wingerden

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Animation

My Animation
Hi guys up here is an animation I made in Photoshop!I made this animation by use the shape tool, I made the tank out of circles rounded rectangles, lines and normal rectangles. After I went to window and inserted timeline. Then I duplicated layers and pressed the eye next to my slide to take a way and add things in my animation. After I did that I press the tween button next to the duplicate put in timeline.I also used a lot of colours and text as u can see. I hope you like it!

This animation is copyrighted you are not allowed to use it.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


My ghost soldier
In media basics we were working with Photoshop again. I chose the tutorial ghosting an image ghosting an image. I used techniques like filter>blur>motion blur and filter>filter gallery>distort.
I hope you like my picture.

This photo is copyrighted you are not allowed to use it.™

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On a mission to finish him!

On a mission to finish him!

In powerless Daniel found out who the shroud was and tolled his super friends Rose,Mollie,Rohan,
and Lousia. Together they made a plan to battle the shroud. They new that just them they would never have a chance so they went to the bullies Clay and Bud even though they would maybe beet the gang to pulp they stiil tryed. After a while the bullies agreed to try to defeat the shroud. In old dark quarry where the shroud was battling another friend Eric, They had to rescue him fast even though he was the strongest of the gang, he was no macht to the shroud. On the dark road placed on mount noble filled with hanging vines and cracks. Daniel said something that caught my eye. he said"Daniel new in the back of each kids mind that some might not return home"(p.224). Is Daniel already thinking that they have no chance against the shroud? Is he already giving up? If you were in Daniels shoes would think this or would think that everybody will un harmed what is your opinion?  

My Vincent van Gogh

 My Vincent van Gogh!
When I was trying to make a colored cartoon pic via a tutorial it turned out that the tutorial was based on the old Photoshop not the new one that we are using in media basics. So instead I fiddled with the setting filter>oil paint and made it a kind of painting hope you like it!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Revealing the shroud

When Daniel rushes in Plunket`s villa Plunket says"oh I see I got you thinking that I am the shroud"(p.180) Would Plunket be lying or telling the truth? If I were in this position I would not trust Plunket. I would ask plunket for evidence and explanation. I you were Daniels shoes would this be a hard position for you why or why not?

Friday, October 25, 2013

My tangram!
In media basics class we were creating shapes in photoshop out of tangrams. This shape reprisents a a Imperial galioen flag ship on adventure exploring the enormes,rough blue seas. To rotate the shapes we had to go in to edit>transform>rotate. This technique I used to make my Imperial gallioen flag ship. Hope you like it!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Masquerade ball poster 2

Masquerade ball poster
This is the poster for the masquerade ball. In the poster I used techniques like drawing, different fonts, and colors.

My poster
I made this poster in media basics. It is my second time working with Photoshop.It was great!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

  The shroud

In powerless the monster shroud takes away memories and powers of people and when Daniel is "battling him he speaks and says "(Daniel) I am just a boy. (the shroud) ah now there you are wrong"(p.159) Why does the shroud say that Daniel is just a boy and does not have powers why?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

 The Missing Page.

In powerless Daniel is playing the role of detective and is finding evidence to prove that there is a monster that takes away your powers when you turn thirteen. On page 124 where Daniel was reading old comics "was that this was not a complete set. There was gap in the middle where the issues jumped from number 76 to 79"(p.124). So if there where missing comics and important page numbers would that mean that there is any evidence or is it just normal that there are missing comics and page numbers?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Super hero?
In the prologue of the book powerless, It is the thirteenth birthday of Michael and when he wakes up he sees pictures with the writhing "you can fly"p.5 and in chapter five the super heroes tell Daniel that on your thirteenth birthday you loose your powers so if there were pictures all over Michael's room would that mean he was a super hero?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Humanities clarifying questions-Eleven

In the story Eleven a girl called Rachel turns eleven and actually does not like it and on page one it said "Today I wish I was a hundred and two" why would the author give that specific number is there any reason why?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

In media basics we were working in photo shop again. This time we were working with qr-codes that you can scan with your iPhone, we put the codes on a poster we made in photo shop. My poster is not finished jet but it will be soon. Here is a picture of my poster. :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Media basics

Today in media basics we worked with photo shop. We used photo shop to clone, paint, fill in , add layers, color and write in photo shop.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Science reflection

In my first quarter of science I learned a lot about chemicals and safety. We started by making safety videos about how to handle different things like chemicals, electricity, heat, and sharp tools. After we finished our videos we started working with real chemicals. In the second lab we worked with common products we have at home like tooth paste, coca-cola, shampoo and soap. We mixed 10ml of those substances with red cabbage juice, which is a natural indicator for acids and bases.The red cabbage juice changed colours into green, hot pink and blue. Science is a fun class and we discover a lot about the world. I hope I do better in telling my group to stop and work and taking notes during the second quarter. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Are site

Hi guys, my friend and I made a brand new site! Would you be so kind to lease a comment, press the free trial button (so we can keep are site for three more months!) or like this page.
Thank you the nens team.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Humanities- CWW documentary

Are expert groups topic was capira food. What I learned was a piece of capira food and brazilian history, I learned how it was created and made and I learned there names.We got the information by making picture, interviewing the local farmers and searching sites.We worked together by all doing a part like one rights the script they other gets pictures and they other gathers information.I faced some challenges where I had to taste new foods and interview farmers where I did not know how to speak portuguese.One risk we took during are CWW trip was tasting new foods.The results were great and so was the food.Next time we create are documentary I would like to make it longer and add more information.
Humanities Two voice poem-reflection

I was able to include textual evidence because I used quotes from the book to support my theme, I was also using the quotes to compare to my life and to compare to Tirio life.My good writing traits are voice and ideas. My writing traits helped me with writing my poem. My writing traits I am working on are on my word choice and sentence fluency.In the poem I could compare and contrast a lot to my life, like when I said for Tirio: water is life and for Me: knowledge is life.I think I was able to show not tell because I used a lot of similes and metaphors even personification. My poem theme was ethnicity I showed It by describing Tirio and my environment in many different ways like Tirio: the amazon feeds us and Me: school feeds us.Revising improved my writing because I kept on spotting mistakes and re-writing stuff. I think revising is very important for getting a better grade.I think one thing i can do improve my writing is make my write a bit longer and add more textual evidence.

Two-voice poem

Humanities-Literature circle discussion

I think it was good text-based discussion because every statement we said, was referring to the book. What I think my group did well was that they all had a chance to talk, and the kept the conversation from breaking apart. They were also really text-based because all of them at least two quotes referring to the book. I think my group still has to work on is taking more notes and giving more body language. I said this because I think at some points people from my group were forgetting to sit up so that gives me a sign of no body language. I think to improve they also have to take more notes because during the conversation there was not too much notes getting written down.I prepared my literature discussion by, for every question we had I put sticky notes in my book so when we started the conversation I was always prepared to use textual evidence. What I also did to prepare that I always take clipboard, pencil and eraser with me so I can record notes.I think I supported my claims in the discussion by giving a lot of textual evidence from the book so I have proof.The other group members felt included because everyone shared the floor. We also made the other group members included by asking them to join the conversation or ask them questions where they have to answer.By answering and asking questions it deepened my understanding but not just on the question but also understand the boo better. It helped me deepened my understanding because all the group members gave textual-evidence from the book so they proved it was true.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Math homework-picture

1)What fraction of the shoes have laces?

2)What % of the shoes have white in them?      

3)How many shoes are there?

4)What is the GCF and LCM of shoes with laces compared to how many don`t?

5)What is the measurement of the black shoes in the front(inches)?

6)How many meters are all the shoes together?

First quarter reflection-math

Statement: Mathematical thinking is not the same as doing math. 

I agree with the statement because mathematical thinking is when you think of math deeply but doing math is when you have a work sheet in front of you and you just answer the question by following directions.

Characteristics of a good math mathematician is that he knows how to multiply,subtract,divide and add numbers. He must know ratio and he has to always ask ms.j favourite question why.

I think one of my strengths as a mathematician is division. This is important because if you want to know the circumference of circle you need to divide. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Humanities analysis-chapter 8 
On page 140, Luka makes up a story for Sulali about how paho died.  She explains that the Punhana told Karara, “‘You must find him...As the oldest, it is your job to bring the (orphan) boy home.  When I leave, you should go and look for him.  I will take care of your father’s spirit. I will set it free.’”  Thinking about Paho’s funeral and the following chapter, what similarities are you seeing between the story and with what is actually happening?  What connections can you make? I can see connections like in the story that Luka made it sais "but where is the boy"p.140 this gives me that the boy is Tirio. I see a second similarity when it sais "father would have made a promise and die"p.140 this tells me that Luka paho does die but makes Luka be born. The third similarity is "he has fulfilled his purpose" I got the idea that is true because Lukas paho couldn't do anything more to help so I get feeling that that connects.
Humanities analysis-chapter 12 question number 4

Why do you think Tirio leaves the Takunami village at the end? Was this the right choice?
I think Tirio leaves the village because he Sara "must be crazy with worry".I don`t think it was the right choice but I also think it was the wrong choice. I think it was the write choice because of his medical treatment for his leg but I also think it was the wrong choice because Luka still wants to go "hunting and fishing and with you, move in the mens rohacas".

My tutorial!

Hi if you would like to see my tutorial on how to customise your blog press here.
I hope you enjoy it!!

It is a fun class because we do a lot of activities and exiting because we learn a new language Portuguese. It is also a hard class because the pronunciations and vocabulary are different but overall it is a fun class because we play a lot of games and go on sites to do online spelling. I always enjoy going to PFL A. 
Here we where doing work in class about the names of countries in Portuguese.
It is a fun class and I see similarities in french and Portuguese like the verbs ser and ter. My goal is that I speak Portuguese fluently.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Analysis for Humanities

Analysis for Humanities

Do you think Tirio is more Takunami or American? Do you think Tirio will want to stay with the Takunami or go to America with Sara.

I think he is Takunami but now has changed sides because when his maha sent him away on page 1 he is angry and thinks he is betrayded and does not see the love and care for him in the tribe anymore and especially thinks his paho is wrong to send him away, But on page 35 It sais" I cant leave Sara" In this sentence he sure and does not want to leave Sara so I think he only wants to go back to the Takunami tribe to prove the tribe wrong and then leave and go back to live with Sara.

Friday, September 6, 2013

How to Customize Your Blog!

How to Customize your blog!

Hello guys here is a short tutorial to understand your blog! Maybe it will make your blog better than mine, if not it will certainly help you! So check it out!
If you want to know more videos with the same creator go to
Thx! have fun!
6th grade

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My blog!
stock markets

If you are confused with stock markets like me this video is a great help.
It is a very clear and helpful video. If you are a person that just started learning english no problem this video has so many visuals that it does not even need words. The video site is
At the site you can find ore of things you might want to know.